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10 Smart Applying Makeup Tips for Teenagers

Any typical young lady would not resist to achieving a prettier look.  Applying makeup is a craze that interests young girls and teenagers alike.  The trend of putting makeup becomes more exciting especially if there are special occasions  to attend such as debut, prom or wedding.   Likewise,  wearing light makeup blends to your innocent beauty as you enter College. Indeed, you don’t need to wear a heavy makeup to get attention.  Listed below are some smart applying make up tips for teenagers like you.

What type of makeup is suitable for teenagers?

Taking into account that teenagers have an unexploited skin, it is worth considering to preserve the natural moisture of your skin.  Always look at the ingredients of the product before buying one.  Avoid harsh makeup that would probably cause an allergic reaction on your face.  Good thing that there’s a wide selection of organic makeup products available in the market today.   Choose products that will not cause you pimples like those with noncomedogenic or non-occlusive label.  Likewise,  a hypo-allergenic makeup is right for you as it protects your sensitive skin. Also check the mineral pigments of the product as  these will give you good benefits.  Opting to revitalize your skin, these makeup products are made of natural oils, botanical extracts and waxes which are perfect to achieving your skin’s natural glow.

10  Smart Makeup  Applying Tips for You

  1. Purchase a makeup that is appropriate to your age .  There are countless makeup blushes, lipsticks, eye shadows available in the market.  This type of makeup is designed to be safe for your skin.  Choose a makeup that is hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists.
  2. Determine your skin type and tone. Invest in a makeup kit that is specially formulated based on your skin type—whether you are oily or dry.  Check also your skin tone— it can be white, fair, natural, tan, brown, or almost black. Look for shades that would match your skin color.  Remember, skin colors are equally beautiful and could be enhanced if properly blended with the right choice of makeup.
  3. Stay away from a makeup overdose. Wearing an ultra glam makeup can be fitting in some occasions. Nevertheless, avoid using too much makeup for your everyday look.  Your appeal will still show-of f by your natural makeup look. Applying makeup in a considerable amount will show your simplicity yet attractive finish.  On the contrary, daring or sexy makeup-look will make you more mature than your age.
  4. Experiment with different shades of eye shadows. You can test the various colors for eye shadows.  Look at the mirror and see how you look between bright colored eye shadows and dark ones.
  5. Try a lip gloss instead of a lipstick.  It is worth wearing a lip gloss as it would just enhance your natural lip color.  But if you would want a little twist on your colored lip, wear lighter shades of pink as it would make you look charming yet innocent.
  6. Purchase a concealer if needed.  If  you need to hide some pimple spots or eye bags, buy a concealer or base makeup that might be a little bit expensive yet safe to use. This will pay-off as you need to achieve  a blemish-free skin.
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  8. Don’t forget to moisturize. As you will be exposed to sun during summer or cold temperature during winter, find a safe moisturizer that will improve your skin.  If you do not like to apply a base makeup, a tinted moisturizer will do as it will act as your natural base.
  9. Select a light-colored blush. There are blushes that look so natural when applied.  You may opt a pinkish or a very light orange shade. As blushes come in different forms such as powder, cream or liquid, make sure to put only a considerable amount on your cheeks and a light trace on your forehead.
  10. Put on a mascara and eye liner occasionally. This is an optional tip for a different look on special occasions.  Ensure that the mascara won’t not clump your eyelashes. A mascara for lengthening or curling your lashes will enhance the beauty of your eyes and a waterproof mascara will be a good buy.  Moreover, the eyeliner will make your eyes prominent in addition to the light shade of the eye shadow.
  11. Practice applying your makeup. A trial makeup application will  allow you to get your best look. Try putting on your make-up step by step.  Experiment with your makeup for regular days or for special events.  Your school may require for an occasional stage presentation or drama act that requires you to put on heavier makeup than usual.

Consider the above-mentioned make up tips for teenagers and expect to get a good-looking finish.