11 Most Prevalent Skin Imperfections

No matter how we desire to maintain youthful skin, facial skin issues can come about due to aging with some inevitable or unwanted factors like inherited genes, viruses, infections along with other causes.  This article will discuss some of the most common skin flaws or imperfections such as acne, birthmarks, scars, moles, enlarged pores, warts, age spots, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, under-eye circles and rosacea.

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Acne Breakouts

Acne is probably the most typical skin problem faced by adults especially teenagers. This bothersome facial skin condition can easily affect one’s self-confidence. This happens when the sebaceous glands turn out to be overactive, they produce too much oil, and then follicles get plugged, leading to whiteheads and blackheads. These types of plugged follicles will then grow to be inflamed, resulting to pimples, cysts and nodules. Despite the fact that acne breakouts are not detrimental and will likely go after sometime, having severe acne can certainly leave marks. There are various acne remedy options available as well as eradicate or decrease the cause of scars.

Birth Marks

Birthmarks are usually parts of pigmented skin which are present at birth or may even show up soon after birth. These birthmarks vary in forms and colors and may be categorized as either vascular or pigmented. Some kinds of birthmarks tend to be permanent, although some are temporary. The majority of birthmarks are benign; however, some might pose skin issues requiring treatment. A cosmetic or pediatric dermatologist can certainly diagnose various kinds of birthmarks and may advise the proper course of treatment or cure.

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A scar is usually ay part of the skin which has a distinct texture or color compared to the surrounding skin. This skin issue is a result after an injury. Despite the fact that nearly all scars fade after some time, some types appear in visible areas and may stay noticeable for life. Scar problems do not demand medical attention, however their presence may be aggravating.


Moles on the other hand are  dark brown in color, normally raised, rounded  and which exist from birth or that might have developed over time. The majority of moles tend to be harmless, however some may turn into skin cancer.  Moles  that appear to be irregular, having unnatural edge, unequal coloring or big, must be examined by a dermatologist. Most moles are benign, nevertheless they may pose aesthetic skin dilemma, and so many individuals opt to get their skin moles taken off.

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Enlarged Pores

Skin pores are classified as tiny openings found on skin surface whereby moisturizing or hydrating oils are then released. As soon as the facial pores are big enough to become visible, they could induce disappointment. To some extent, the increase in pore size is inherited, yet pores also seem to grow larger once oil is trapped. Moreover, dermatologist can give helpful treatments for these unsightly pores

Unsightly Warts

Warts tend to be noncancerous growths which are the effect of a virus. Even though warts are typically raised, rough, and also skin-colored, they could manifest in several forms. . It can show up practically anywhere on your body and may be unappealing and quite painful sometimes. Furthermore, warts may go away eventually but the discomfort and beauty factors they bring about normally provoke patients to search for warts removal procedure. This can be a painless process that can be carried out within a quick appointment.

Age Spots

Age spots are generally brown patches which show up on your skin as you age.  This is mainly due to genetics or sun damage. Commonly known as liver spots, these types of benign patches look like huge freckles in most cases visible on the face area, hands, neck,  legs or feet. Even though they are usually not harmful, many individuals want them removed intended for cosmetic motives.  A dermatologist known as cosmetic dermatologist can efficiently clear away or lessen the appearance of the said age spots on your skin.


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Wrinkles along with lines to the skin are some of the most frequent facial skin issues as you age. They show up wherever skin creases and folds, becoming increasingly permanent as time passes by. Exposure to the sun, extreme dieting and smoking can speed up this effect, letting skin appear much older than it really is. This is an inevitable skin issue as a sign of aging, hence professional skincare treatment and procedures are done to minimize their appearance.

Uneven Skin Pigmentation

Extreme sun exposure could be the main factor triggering observable signs of aging.  Sun can bring about uneven skin pigmentation, leathery skin and deep wrinkles.  But the worst of all is cancer of the skin. The most effective protection is by avoiding the ultraviolet rays by making use of protective clothing and sunscreen.


Under-eye Circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be brought by factors including diet, heredity, sun exposure,  lack of sleep and allergies.  This facial issue can be concealed by makeup or other cosmetic products as well as by resolving its underlying cause.


Described as facial swelling and redness, rosacea is often a facial problem that has a tendency to affect adults having fair skin. It could possibly show up at all age groups also. It typically builds up gradually initially, showing up periodically like a facial flush. The skin condition gets worse eventually and cannot go away by itself. A dermatologist can certainly treat rosacea by using oral or topical medications, together with facial treatments, like laser therapy.

Numerous types of skin conditions in addition to environmental factors can make your skin feel rough, uneven, dry, wrinkled, scaly, oily or leathery. Normally, identifying the origin of skin problems is definitely the initial step to finding helpful treatments.