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detox cleanse

The Magical 3 Day Detox Cleanse Diet.

Long gone were the days of hunger and being afraid of not having enough to eat. Today food is everywhere. And so are the complications from an over abundance of it. Obesity, stomach and colon cancers are just part of the effect. People are in a dilemma right now, whether to give in to food or to succumb to the glorious images of size 0 models who look like they weigh less than a Big Mac. And in the midst of these mental battles, anorexia and bulimia took over, turning food into a love-hate relationship.   Continue reading


DIY Acne Treatments. How to relieve acne at home.

Everyone’s had acne. It doesn’t matter how smooth or genetically skin-blessed you are, you’re bound to have days when angry red spots grace your face shamelessly. I’ve had acne. All kinds of acne. Mild acne, moderate acne, sprinkled around my face and back, as well as severe acne across my forehead. I had no choice, it is my skin and I had to find a way to live with it. Frustrated ? Oh definitely. But I’ve tried and a few DIY home acne treatments and they seem to cool the rage from acne off my skin. Continue reading

colon cleanse

The 10 best colon cleansers. Clean your colon the natural way.

Colon cleansers. Detox. Weight loss. Beauty from within.

Clearing out poisonous leftover gunk from your bowels? Sounds like a great way to get healthy and pretty! With so much publicity from Hollywood actresses, colon cleansers have come under the spotlight for becoming a staple for the beauty conscious and health junkies alike. So you want to treat your colon to a spring cleaning too? Continue reading

sunscreen feat 2

SPF and PA. Do You KNOW your sunscreen?

Flawlessness. Unblemished.

These will always be the unrivaled qualities used in describing perfect skin.

While one half of the globe sees the sexy golden tan as an epitome of skin perfection, our eastern oriental counterparts have always sought refugee from the sun in the quest for porcelain skin. But no matter how solar-seasoned we each prefer our skin tone to be, everyone needs sunscreen. With so many on the market, how well do you actually know about sunscreens? Continue reading

Fine Hair Shampoo

Easy Tips For Choosing the Best Shampoo For Fine Hair.

One cannot choose the hair type they’re born with. There’s so many hair types. Thick and frizzy; Fine with oily roots; Normal hair but with dry ends, etc. etc. Having  a specific type plastered on top of your head for life almost feels like hitting the Jackpot. Like all hair, they get dirty, greasy and  require proper care and effort to look good. Fine hair in particular are extra tricky, especially when finding the right shampoo! Too dry and your comb breaks halfway while trying to do it’s job. Too moisturized and you’ll look like you just removed a helmet! Continue reading


How to Repair damaged hair: Home Remedies

It is surprising how a mane of shiny locks can add to the charm of someone’s physical appearance. And it is equally as astonishing to see how easily a person subject themselves to deep self dejection by a mere few strands of split ends. Of course, everyone yearns for silky smooth, superstar worthy hair that would make Miranda Kerr weep. I mean who doesn’t? The desire to have healthy undamaged hair has been embedded into our heads and has even made it’s way to popular culture. Continue reading