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The Astounding Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair Growth and Health

Lavender oil is a significant source to promote hair growth.  If you who are experiencing a hair loss condition such as alopecia areata, you can surely benefit from this oil. This regenerative oil is used by manufacturers in producing scalp and hair products.  In addition, this oil aids in some health conditions of the body.  Continue reading

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Best Hair Transplant: Just When you Need it

Millions of people worldwide are finding smart solutions to get rid of hair loss or baldness (alopecia) caused either by genetics causing premature hair loss or aging where hormones change with age. When hair regrowers and other non-surgical procedures don’t work, hair transplant seems to be the better and final option. What exactly is hair transplant?  How much does it cost? Is it painful? Below are some helpful information that you might want to know about the hair transplant procedure: Continue reading


Unwanted Hair Removal with a Back Shaver

Do you believe that your unwanted hairs on armpit, face, legs and back will only worsen when they are shaved? Whether you consider that idea as myth or truth, these hairs can be unpleasant, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. Many people consider trimming unwanted hair as an expression of beauty such that of having a hairless back. Continue reading


Are Detox Cleansers Safe to Use?

There is a growing interest and a widespread popularity on detoxification diets and colon cleansing. A variety of products such as pills and supplements are being offered to consumers that can be bought through the internet and at local drugstores. The main question is, are these detox cleansers safe? In this article, let’s discuss the different detox cleansers and find out how effective and safe they really are. Continue reading

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The Wonderful Healing Properties of Rosemary Oil

Originally cultivated in the Mediterranean, the rosemary herb, scientifically known as Rosarinus Officinalis, has long been used in ancient Rome for religious and social ceremonies. It is also popularly used for culinary purposes because of its minty taste and aroma. Rosemary is also a popular essential oil valued for its multiple medicinal and aromatic properties. The oil extracted from rosemary leaves and flowers is frequently used in aromatherapy and in manufacturing of cosmetics. Rosemary oil also has healing properties, making it one of the staple home remedies for skin problems, body pain and even as daily supplement.

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Essential Beauty Salon Products for Hairstylists

We all have experienced bad hair service and terrible haircuts in our lifetime. We have no other recourse but to grow our hair back and live with it or if necessary, look for a reputable stylist to fix our crowning glory. Good hairstylists not only have the skills for creating good hair, they also have the necessary equipment for their trade. They invest in good quality beauty salon products in order to have better control of the hair and give the best finished look for their clients. These hairstylists may not always be affordable but spending on their quality service may actually save you from a lot of embarrassment and money for additional fix-ups.

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The Amazing Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil for Hair and Health

Several benefits are found in Eucalyptus oil.  . There is a huge demand for its medicinal properties which is why the industrial and the pharmaceutical sectors are taking advantage of its good qualities.  Moreover, eucalyptus oil is  a famous  agent for hair growth and treatment to some scalp and hair problems. This article will discuss the amazing benefits of eucalyptus as well as its  origin, composition, side-effects and how to use eucalyptus oil for hair. Continue reading

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Bath Oil: Saying Goodbye to Dry Skin

Bath oil  may not be so popular, unlike lotions and other moisturizers, but can aid in nourishing and replenishing dry skin as it contains the necessary ingredients to leave your skin moisturized. As a body care product, bath oil is placed in a bathtub according to the scent you prefer. Regular usage of bath oil will eliminate rough and dry patches of your skin as the warm water opens your pores thus absorbing the oil.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Artificial Nails

Many artificial nails attempt to closely resemble the appearance of true fingernails so that you cannot actually determine that they are really fake ones. There are different kinds of artificial nails but the most commonly used are Acrylic Nails. Acrylic Nails are artificial nails applied on natural nails or can also be applied on nail tips. Artificial nails, also defined as false nails, nail enhancements, fashion nails, or nail extensions are applied as coatings over fingernails.  Continue reading