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Featuring the Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

The eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara all work to bring out the best look for your eyes.  One of the best ways to really make your eyes stand out is to put on mascara. It makes your lashes look long and thick.  Considering that some women have sensitive eyes, it follows that using low-quality mascara may produce eye irritation. This article will give you information about the best mascara for sensitive eyes,  types of mascara and 8 Useful tips to apply your mascara. Continue reading


Venous Statis: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you ever wonder how varicose veins develop? It is actually a sign of poor blood circulation which is often brought about by venous statis. Our pulmonary and systemic veins’ primary functions are to carry oxygenated blood away the lungs and carry back deoxygenated blood from the body to the heart.
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The Amazing Benefits of Helichrysum

Helichrysum essential oil is derived from several plants species under the genus Helichrysum. A third of its six hundred species grow in Africa while the rest are scattered in the regions of Europe and Australia. Though great in numbers, only a few species are actually used for medical purposes like H. Italcum and H. Arenarium and H. Petiolare. Helichrysum goes by different names based on its region of origin but it is commonly called as Everlasting essential oil or Immortelle. It is even called curry plant even if it has nothing to do with curry powder. Helichrysum can be a bit pricey than other essential oils because it is difficult to grow and maintain its 25-50% level of neryl acetate due to the changes in the climate and soil acidity. Once distilled, the plant’s essential oil can be used as a powerful agent fight different diseases and infection.

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Check these Different Makeup Brushes and their Uses

For those of you who want to achieve a great-looking face, you can use various makeup brushes that come in different colors, sizes, and textures. Each type has its own unique function to blend the makeup on your face. This article discusses various makeup brushes which can be used specifically for your  face, eyes and lips. Moreover, it also gives useful information to get that professional-look makeup application. Continue reading

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The Plus Side of Best Mineral Makeup

Using mineral makeup is a trend.  It is sold almost everywhere and endorsed by beauty professionals as one of the best makeups available today. While there are less popular brands that carry the benefits of mineral makeup, some renowned brands are LÓreal, Bare Escentuals, and Afterglow cosmetics.   In this article,  we will cover  many aspects about mineral makeup such as ingredients, primers, brushes and its advantages. Continue reading


The Effects of Bleach on Skin

Bleach is a solution of a compound called sodium hypochlorite; sometimes calcium hypochlorite is called bleach as well. Both compounds dissolve readily in water and are highly alkaline. The Material Safety Data Sheet for Clorox regular bleach, for example, lists the pH of its product as 11.9. Chlorine bleach (a solution of approximately 3–6% sodium hypochlorite, NaClO) and ammonia, when used together, can have very harmful effects on the body. It is especially important to avoid exposing the skin or eyes to bleach when handling it, as such an exposure can cause severe tissue damage. Continue reading

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Best Heat Free Hair StyleTips.

Can’t live without your favorite curler ? Or tired of the same curls your curler gives you over and over? Do you have straight boring hair that jumps back right after curling it? Hair feeling the heat from all that styling? Fret not! Have some fun and still get amazing hair. Sometimes, we just have to admit it. Mom knows best. Even when it comes to giving you the most amazing hair tips ever. Old school or not, there’s a reason why these tips have stood the test of time.

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Why go for Best Natural Hair Dye for Men?

For those men who want to appear younger and appealing, hair coloring is one of the top options.  Widely used hair dyes for both men and women are chemicals.  But you may opt to go for Best Natural Hair Dye for Men that is safe to use. This article will discuss about the hair dye options available such as henna, pepper with curd, tea and herbs. You can also find tips on how to choose the best dye for your hair. Continue reading

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Bowel Cleansing : A Proactive Way to Prevent Colon Cancer

Who does not know that cancer is one of the world’s leading causes of death?  It is even called “The Big C” in the world of medicine.  According to World Health Organization, colon or rectum cancer ranked 7th among the Top 10 Causes of Death among countries with high income. True enough, cancer is one of the most complicated and scariest diseases that many people would like to avoid.  More people are getting educated now to prevent the onset of colon cancer hence pushing this dreaded disease away through the concept of bowel cleansing. Continue reading