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9 Most Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain

Our foot is made up of twenty-eight bones and more than thirty joints that are held together by ligaments.  Together with our legs, it supports our entire body weight so it is subject to a lot of force especially if we use them extensively or if we engage in high-impact physical activities. This could lead to injuries and fractures that can cause chronic foot and ankle pain. Ageing and disease also contributes to this condition. Below are some of the major causes of foot and ankle pain.

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Beautifying Your Nails with the Best Manicure Set

Whether or not you’re familiar with traversing to a spa to get your manicure done, you’ll need a set of personalized manicure instruments in your own home. When shopping for a manicure set, you’ll literally get numerous options from stores.  Here are helpful suggestions that will actually guide you with the countless products that would limit your choice to that best manicure set that’s just made for you. Continue reading


5 Popular Body Oils

We have been introduced of various choices when it comes to lotions and nobody can deny the fact that they have kept our skin moisturized for so many decades.  On the other hand, we all know that lotions could not be completely manufactured without the aid of synthetic ingredients, thus , the chemicals which our skin tends to reject can be accumulated inside our skin layers and may later pose as irritation.  But, have you ever heard someone getting skin irritation after using body oils?  Studies show that there are lesser tendencies for our skin to react after using natural or organic oil products and numbers would show only 1 out of 10 would develop such irritation with body oils.  The rationale is very simple, it is all natural. Continue reading


Healthy Hair from a Healthy Scalp

Our scalp can be our hair’s main powerhouse.  Thus, if the scalp is irritated,  it is just normal that we will see the manifestation through our hair.  We are often guilty of isolating the blame to our hair –not knowing that most of our hair problems begin with our scalp.  Skin infections specially in the scalp area will first manifest through itching followed by falling hair. Continue reading


6 Basic Foot Care Products You Should Have

Our feet carry our body’s entire weight and facilitate our mobility and we usually pamper it by getting a foot spa or massage once or twice a month. However there are a lot of foot care products that should be part of your daily ritual and below are just some of them:

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Dealing with Acne Anxiety

Acne became one of the leading contributors of teen anxiety as well for adults. Let us all admit that acne is unpleasant and we want to do everything to totally discard it from the list of our vanity worries.  However, we also need to understand that it is a medical condition that is not contagious. Thus, due to our apprehension, we are too quick to run to the nearest pharmacy to buy ointment or oral acne medication.  This article will give you information what triggers acne, some suggested home remedies for acne and facts about oral acne medication. Continue reading


Natural Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Getting an inspiration from celebrities with enticing hair can be your reason to buying wigs.  On the other hand, you may be experiencing hair thinning and so purchasing wigs made of natural hair or synthetic hair is no longer an option but a must.  This article will help you decide which wig is best for you as it will give information regarding wigs.  This features synthetic hair vs. human hair, density, styles, hand made method, machine method, hair knotting technique, bleaching and advantages of purchasing wigs. Continue reading


6 Nutritious Foods That can Relieve Constipation

Every now and then we encounter problems in our digestive system that leads to constipation. We experience abdominal and rectal pain as we find it difficult to expel our hardened stools that get stuck in our colon. There are many causes of constipation and it mostly has to do with the lack of balanced diet and pre-existing medical conditions.

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6 Quick and Easy Tips for Applying Makeup

Women want to feel glamorous at all times but if you have a busy work schedule or juggling kids and housework or taking care of other urgent daily tasks, putting on makeup is the last thing on your mind. You may find it hard and complicated to achieve a natural and sophisticated look for daily wear but in reality it is easy if you take the time to find the right tools and products that compliment your face and lifestyle. With constant practice, applying makeup will be breezy with these six easy steps:

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Body Waxing: The Key to Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Have you always wanted to get rid of unwanted hair but do not have the time or courage to do it? Why not go to a salon for a full body wax? People usually complain about the pain however it is important to consider that the entire body waxing process does not last long and there are creams and ointments that can reduce the swelling. When you are done waxing, you won’t have to worry about body hair for at least five weeks and with continuous body waxing, hair growth becomes sparser and softer.

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