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Acai Berry Detoxification: A Healthy Option

In the rainforest of the amazon is a tree whose fruit is like a small purple marble and similar to a berry. Small but dynamic; this is acai berry which is acclaimed as one of the healthiest foods in the planet! Acai berries are highly perishable so unless you go to the amazon, you will not be able to taste fresh acai berries. The good news is that modern food technology has found a way to market the fruit as if it were freshly plucked from the acai berry tree. One of its magnificent wonders: acai berry cleanse/detoxification. Acai berry is the best cleansing and detoxifying agent.This article will discuss about the nutritional content of acai berry and the step by step 5-day Plan towards acai berry cleanse/detoxification. Continue reading

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Gorgeous Curly Hair Without Heat

What else could look more romantic, girly or perfect than curls? A lot of women spend hours each day just trying to get curls on their hair. This often means exposing hair to a lot of heat from curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers and flat irons. This entire thing can damage hair when used too much. The good news is that it is completely possible to get curls without using any heat on your hair. This article will show you some interesting options such as Sock Bun Curls,  Headband Curls,  Paper Bag/ Rag Curls. Continue reading


Appealing Balding Hair Styles for Men

Many men of today are worrying about getting bald.  To get bald especially when you grow older can be deemed as normal but there are definitely hairstyles that can help you compensate over this issue. You need not spend on useless hair products just to patch things up for all you need is to try out a few hairstyles perfect for those suffering from baldness.  Here are some balding hair styles that you can go for: Continue reading

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Beauty and Healing Properties of Bergamot oil

Though we are living in a society whose dependence in technology is existential, most of the beauty products that we use are extracted from natural sources. One of these natural occurring beauty substances is the Bergamot oil. Tracing its origins from the rich heritage of the Italian culture, Bergamot oil is now used in a variety of ways. To know how this essential oil can benefit you, read on. Continue reading

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7 Stunning Makeup Tips for Brides-to-Be

Almost every woman looks forward to the day that she can walk down the aisle in a wedding dress. There’s no doubt
that looking good on this special day is not an option. With the spotlight on the bride, and all the photos that will be taken, being beautiful is a must. The good news is that there is more than one way to look good. Here are some beauty tips for brides who want to look their best. Continue reading

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Keratin Treatment for Dry, Lifeless Hair

Numerous hair treatment solutions are available in the market.  Hence, they are offered professionally in salons. Some treatments are a do-it-your-self answer to your dry hair problem. Interestingly, gaining popularity today is the Keratin Hair Treatment for Dry Hair.  This article will give much information regarding Keratin Hair Treatment.   It will also discuss some methods of treatment, maintaining Keratin Treated Hair and Side Effects of Keratin Hair treatment. Continue reading

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Having a Clear, Clean Face

Yоur skіn is dаіlу еxроsed tо harmful роllutіоn. With thіѕ, you  mау get an unheаlthу ѕkіn that is pronе to аcne.  On the other hand, during winter
months, facial drуnеsѕ can be your dilemma . Thuѕ, thе uѕе оf fасіаl wаѕh іs necessary for a good skin care routine. While usіng а quаlіtу faсе wаѕh fоr dry ѕkin , you will gо а lоng wау tо ѕuѕtaіnіng a heаlthу lооk as mаnу drу skin diffiсulties can bе trасed bасk to different factors such as dehydration.  This article will give  information regarding the best facial wash for dry skin. It will also discuss some ingredients found in an organic facial wash Continue reading


Cleansing Plan for a Week

There are many versions of the 7 day cleansing diet in existence today.  The overall intention of such a body cleanse is to rid the body of toxins; whether they are from environmental exposure, poor dietary choices, over indulgence, drugs, alcohol or tobacco.  There are several things that will contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle as well as toxins are everywhere.  This article will give some of the benefits of 7-day colon cleanse diet, methods of cleansing,the downside of other cleansers, ingredients for cleansing and what to avoid while cleansing. Continue reading

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Dealing With Abnormal Hair Growth

The hair is said to be the crowning glory of a woman.  While others struggle on extreme hair loss or baldness problem, there are others whose issue is the opposite. Well, shall we say, somehow, the opposite, such as one having  beard or chest hair. This article will discuss the following: hirsutism or frazonism, the genetic factor for abnormal hair growth, cosmetic fix for abnormal hair growth, consultation with the specialist, laser removal treatment and tips to slow down growth of hair. Continue reading


Youthful Skin: 30 and Beyond

Aging brіngs a rеаlіzаtіon thаt our ѕkin wіll no lоnger hаve thаt уоuthful арреarаnсе. Skіn сarе tоdау is the vеry exaсt ѕciеnсе рrоvіdіng uѕ wіth a widе ѕeleсtіоn оf treatmеntѕ and ѕupplеmentѕ tо сountеraсt the signs of aging.  Nevertheless, our lifestyle, eating patterns, sleeping habits, sun exposure will either speed up or slow down the aging process.  This article will help you determine the causes behind aging and wrinkles Continue reading