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4 Common Eye Problems with Home Remedies

Most people experience problems with their eyes. Factors such as lack of sleep, ageing, allergic reaction, excessive intake of salt  are believed to be culprits associated with some eye problems.  Common conditions include eye bags,  red eyes, itching and sty. Many of us dread these problems because they greatly affect the way our eyes work. The following are the most common eye problems and home remedies or inexpensive treatments to prevent them. Continue reading

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Eat Right, Feel Light

Many health experts cite “being overweight” as a widespread epidemic across America.  This concern stems out from recent calculations which show two thirds of Americans being overweight, a third of these suffer from obesity. This calls attention to health problems such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes that are associated with obesity. These facts are alarming! So on a lighter note, this article features food that can help you kick-start on that long-awaited, always postponed, overly procrastinated diet you’ve been planning and get a move on a more healthy, happy and invigorated lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. Continue reading


Essential Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Don’t you just hate it when you just had a manicure and suddenly your fingernail breaks? Fingernails and toenails are a reflection of a woman’s all-around well being – along with that radiant, glowing skin. But amidst all this, we neglect this very small but significant part of our body. Having those perfect nails give women that confidence. That is why you see nail salons popping up like mushrooms in every block.  This article will discuss some nail care tips and tricks to  grow and maintain stunning nails. Continue reading


Inexpensive Hair Loss Treatment and Home Remedies

The problem of hair loss begins here. When you start noticing more strands stuck on your hair brush, you begin to worry. It would not be a problem if your body can grow new hair strands exceptionally fast but that is not the case. On the other hand, hair growth has its cycle that normally lasts at about two to six years. It is generally accepted that an average person has approximately 100,000 hair strands that grow, more or less, one centimeter a month. Ninety percent of these strands grow in different phases during the cycle and the other 10 percent go dormant. This remaining 10% fall out in about two to three months and replaced by new hair sprouts. Experts agree that an average daily hair fall is 100 and in order to keep the normal volume of your hair, the fallen ones be replaced by new growth at the same rate. Continue reading


Quick and Easy Acne Home Remedies

In contrast to dark spots, acne scars can be like keloids or ice-picked scars. Keloids are the ones that are caused by a lot of tissue formation leaving an elevated skin scar. Ice-picked scars look like moon crates on the face. This is usually caused by the lack of tissue formation during the healing process of acne. Now, there are several ways on how to get rid of these unsightly scars. Of course, initial prevention would be to keep the face clean at all times and; whenever there is a sight of pimple or minor zits, don’t ever prick them as this may cause inflammation leading to acne. Continue reading

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8 Typical Foot Problems

Whether we are aware or not, our feet incessantly aid us in our day to day living. We practically live with them. We cannot walk without them.  This pair takes us to places where we need to go. Have you also noticed how people may look at your feet?  Undeniably, our feet can also be compared to our facial beauty and the way they look can also say a lot about ourselves. In that case, it pays to be conscious so that they are well taken care of.   Read on for some helpful tips to keep them healthy and clean all the time. But first let us take a look at some common foot problems: Continue reading


What You Need to Know About Warts

It was not the face that launched a thousand ships for there was a blemish on the forehead. Neither a smudge of dirt nor a pimple, it was a flat wart! Just imagine a beautiful face was spoiled by this small spot. Warts are incongruous skin growth that is generally harmless and painless. However, it can be a source of embarrassment & disfigurement and much worse as it can be itchy and sore. Prevention is better than cure, so learn about it and find ways to prevent its growth; so you do not need to know wart removal procedure. Continue reading

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Dealing with Embarrassing Dandruff

Your hair is your crowning glory. But how can this be if it is giving you embarrassment especially during times when you need motivation. As they say, a healthy hair comes with a healthy scalp. If you enjoy wearing black and dark blue outfits without having to worry on white flakes falling from your head,  good news for you. However, if you are not comfortable wearing those colored shirts because of the heavy snow fall on your shirt even if it is still not winter, read this article as it will discuss the causes of dandruff, effects of dandruff and remedies for dandruff. Continue reading

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Hair Loss in Children

In the United States, around two million children are victims of hair loss. While 60% of these cases are easily treated, just imagine the problem caused by the remaining 40%. It is heartbreaking to see a child losing his hair especially on the part of parents. There are causes for hair loss among the young and it must not only involve the treatment but also the prevention. For a grown up, to start losing his hair is already a tragedy; although hair loss may not cause so much damage in children but it could be embarrassing, frustrating and emotionally depleting. Continue reading


Natural Moisturizers and Body Oils for Less

Skin care does not have to be fighting your budget off.  Before rushing to your local mall to buy whatever was advertised on television or magazine, it is important for you to take note what your skin really needs. This article will give you information regarding natural moisturizers and body oils that will nourish your skin. Keep reading… Continue reading