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7 Stunning Makeup Tips for Brides-to-Be

Almost every woman looks forward to the day that she can walk down the aisle in a wedding dress. There’s no doubt
that looking good on this special day is not an option. With the spotlight on the bride, and all the photos that will be taken, being beautiful is a must. The good news is that there is more than one way to look good. Here are some beauty tips for brides who want to look their best.

1st Tip: Be certain with the look you want to achieve 

Indeed, there are a lot of different looks that you can have on your wedding day. It will pay to know exactly what look you are after. Do you want something natural? Does a glamorous look suit you well? Figure out what you want so you can let your make-up artist know. You may also want to base your make-up on the time of the wedding. Early morning weddings usually call for lighter shades, while afternoon and
evening ceremonies work well with darker shades of make-up.

2nd Tip: Get a Trial Make Up

Practice Makes Perfect.  There are numerous pure cosmetics that you can make use of. Unless you’re an expert, it’s always best to practice your make-up before your big day. This will allow you to experiment with different looks. At he same time, it will help you perfect the entire look. Practice at least a month before your big day.

3rd Tip: Be sure that your Makeup Stays long

Whether you’re having your make-up done by a beautician or by yourself, you want your make-up to stay long. Heat, sweat and tears are just some of the things most brides encounter on their wedding day. Do wear a primer which will help products stay on longer and
make application easier. Additionally, make sure that you choose the right products. It is always best to go with waterproof cosmetics, especially with eye make-up.

4th Tip:  Keep The Essentials Handy

On the day itself, make sure that you have the essential things to keep you looking fresh. Take along basic items to help you re-touch in between pictures or during the reception. There is no need to take the entire make-up kit.  Essnetially, blotting paper, some powder, blush and lipstick are good enough.

5th Tip:  Be Flash Friendly by using a Foundation with  Yellow Undertones

Flash photography tends to highlight pink tones on the skin. Make sure that you even this out using a foundation with yellow undertones. Pay attention to the nose and mouth areas which tend to have a lot of redness. Don’t pile on too much. Rather blend it in with the other areas of the face for even coverage.

6th Tip:   Never wear Pale Shades

Although you may be tempted to wear a light and neutral shades of lipstick, don’t. These tend to look dull and washed out in photographs. Instead, try something brighter than you usually wear. For those who are not too comfortable with using bright colored lipsticks, pick something a shade or two darker than your usual one. The same goes for blush. A nice shade of pink will make your face come to life and give you that flushed, happy look.

7th Tip:  Blend your Makeup Evenly

A common mistake often made is to focus on the face. Putting make-up on is not limited to the face. Be sure to apply foundation on the neck and chest area as well. If the back is exposed, do the same. This will give the skin an even look. Bronzer may also be applied on the chest, back and shoulders for a naturally tanned effect and a bit of shimmer. Moreover, make-up and foundation that just sits on your face are two things any bride will want to avoid. These do not help much with making you look beautiful. To steer clear of this, do make it a point to blend everything properly. It may take a bit longer but it will look better. Also, opt for cream based or liquid foundations so you do not get that powdery look on your face. If you are not using cream based shadows, dip your make up brush in a bit of water before using. This will help you blend things easily and get rid of the cake like appearance on your lids.

Of course, you don’t want to look stressed and haggard on the big day itself. Get friends and family to help out with preparations. The night before your wedding, try to get as much sleep as you can. This will help you look your best and there won’t be a need to conceal so many blemishes on your face.