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7 Unique and Uncommon Beauty Treatments

It is perplexing to see how people would go to great lengths in order to achieve the quintessential good looks. Nowadays everyone seems to agree that in order to have a longer, fuller, and shinier leash on life, one must have that Hollywood inspired glow emanating from all pores of his or her body. Such is the exact reason behind the thriving and multimillion cosmetics and cosmetic surgery industry.
If you are one of the people who think it is rather strange for a person to go through a surgeon’s knife for some serious nipping and tucking, then you must likely have not heard of far more weirder beauty treatments subscribe to by individuals from all over civilization. Take note that these beauty treatments  may not be for everyone. But this article will discuss some unique and uncommon  beauty treatments that you can apply to achieve a more stunning look and relaxing experience.

Here are seven of these bizarre beauty treatments from around the world.

Snake Massages

We go to massage parlors for relaxation. And more often than not, we expect some competent massage therapist to do the job. We expect this therapist to know what he or she is doing and of course it would not hurt if the said therapist also has that star factor going for him or her- an immaculate face is indeed something that can heighten our relaxation. But how about snakes in lieu of a certified therapist? As improbable as that may sound, for $70, you can have snake therapy from Israel’s Ada Barak spa. The amount you shell out will entitle you to six snakes (non-venomous) slithering away on your back. The owner claims that after the initial surge of fear, most of the clients experience utmost calm and relaxation enough to rejuvenate their battered bodies.

Milk Soap

Beauty soaps have become more than just a trend for individuals who wish to finally unravel the long kept secret for achieving the ever elusive fountain of youth. From cow milk soaps to goat milk soaps, all possible by-products from the dairy farm have been exhausted in search for that reliable age defying and beauty enhancing implement. With that, it only follows that someone finally conjured the idea to use breast milk for the same purpose. Breast milk soap was first introduced in the internet and since then attracted its own niche market. Who the soap maker’s breast milk supplier is? That we will never know.

Snail Ooze Serum

In a dull and most probably dank room in one of the corner’s of the globe, a man, or perhaps woman, suddenly thought of a cutting edge idea for a beauty product. Why not use snail ooze as a skin rejuvenating agent? The idea is of course anchored in “science” for as how the product markets itself, the slime from the Helix Aspersa Muller- an endemic snail in Chile, is rich in vitamins and protein which are ingredients that can solve skin blemishes, stretch marks, acne, and dullness. For $70 one cat get a hold of this beauty slime kit.

Bone Marrow Shampoo

Brazilians have a knack at everything flashy and tacky. Take for example the “Tutannol”- a shampoo made from bone marrow that came straight from the insides of an ox. This shampoo promises strong and shiny hair through natural ingredients laden with essential oils. Tutannol is also salt free hence users need not worry about their hair smelling like the ocean.

Gold Facial

For the high rollers and heavy spenders, this beauty treatment is something you might want to try. Through application of 24 carat gold straight on your face, spa owners offering this service claim that after the treatment one could again have that youthful and vibrant aura. But of course you must shell out a decent amount of money for this one.

Venom Cream

In 2006 Ultraluxe cosmetic line launched their product at the Sonya Dakara Beverly Hills clinic. The beauty product referred to is the Syn-ake- a beauty cream derived from snake venom. The cream claims to have the capacity to make the skin taut as well as prevent contractions of the muscle. Such of course spells youthful beauty.
Although some say beauty is overrated, we cannot deny the fact that it is still highly rewarded. That is perhaps the reason why people are willing to spend hefty amount of wits and money for it. But alas, one should know just where to draw the line in terms of his or her pursuit for perfection.