A Handful Advice For Your Hands and Nails

They say that one can judge you by just looking at your hands. Likewise, it can tell how you take care of yourself. And did you know that the first telltale signs of aging occur in your hands? Another fact that not everyone knows yet is that our nails also reflect the status of our health. Nail breakage, discoloration or splitting can be mainly associated with health problems. It really pays a lot that we shower our hands with “Tender Loving Care”. Below are some tips on how to keep our hands beautiful and healthy. Some tips are so easy and you don’t need to go to a nail salon since they can easily be done at home at your own convenient time.

Hand Care

Apply hand cream or lotion often to maintain your hand’s moisture– Preferably with Shea butter,  this is known for its moisturizing properties plus it smells good too! Or you can also use oatmeal to achieve soft and smooth hands.

Wear hand gloves when washing clothes or dishes – To prevent your hands from absorbing the residue of the detergent that you are using. It is also best to use mild detergents.

Apply Sunscreen on your hands. This is a must to prevent sunburn that may also be a cause of wrinkles and skin pigmentation

Dry your hands immediately after washing. To prevent your hands from losing its moisture. And will lessen the risk of harboring bacteria that may cause colds or flu.

Get a manicure regularly.

To make sure that your cuticles are trimmed, make sure to go to a reputable salon . Ensure that they sterilize the trimming tools before usage.  You don’t want to get your nails infected right?

Use alcohol or Sanitizer regularly. To prevent the spread of bacteria or germs, just make sure to follow it with a hand cream or lotion afterwards to avoid your hands from getting dry.

Apply egg white occasionally.This can also serve as a good hand mask as it prevents the formation of wrinkles.

•  Srub your hands with facial scrub or homemade concoction. Lemon, rosemary plus white sugar will  leave your hands soft and smooth.   You can also use your face cream for your hands.

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated including your hands.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables .  Carrots can be a good source of calcium while phosphorus can help strengthen your nails. Alternatively, you can also drink fresh fruit juices.

Nail Care Tips

• To prevent your nails from breaking,  shape them  in squares or ovals.

• Trimming is also important to prevent nail breakage and to make them look trendy. Applying petroleum jelly on your nail beds will  keep your nails moisturized.

•  Ensure to dry your nails before using a nail file. On the other hand, wet nails are prone to breakage when filed.

• You can also try soaking your nails in olive oil for 20 minutes every other day.  This is also known as an effective way to soften your nails. Another tip is by dipping your nails in olive oil with lukewarm water as this  will give you longer nails in no time.

• For those who have the habit of biting their nails. Stop it. It is damaging to your nails.  Besides, it does not look good seeing someone acting like a kid.

• If you are planning to get artificial nails,  make sure that it is applied with caution.

• Do not scrape or remove nail polish using metal instruments on your nail surface.

• Do not clip your nails to shorten them. Use an emery board to file nails to your desired size.

• Keeping your nails long may be prone to breakage.  Why not use a nail hardener once in a while to keep your nails strong.

• Do not keep nail polish for long periods since it can make your nails yellowish. Make sure to at least remove your nail polish once a week using a mild nail polish remover. Likewise, experts recommend using a nail polish remover no more than once per week.

• Calcium andVvitamin B deficiency can also cause ridged, brittle, and dry nails. Make sure to take supplements or eat foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin B.

After reading these tips you can now try and see the results for yourself. Be close enough to achieving healthy and beautiful hands that you deserve.Taking some vitamins, supplements, and considering the food that we all eat will greatly help in improving the condition of our hands and nails.