A Quick Guide to Do 5 Minute Hairstyles

Quick! Hurry! Speed up! Hasten! Do you usually hear those words when you are expected to accomplish something in a fast pace? When a lot of things come in instant nowadays, there are many things that can be done with ease such as these 5 Minute Hairstyles.


Waves with a Mousse

For your natural curly hair, this hairstyle is meant for you. Get some mousse, headband, hair tie, and a bow. Apply hair mousse by putting some on your palm and spread it a little by rubbing your palms together. This will result in a more even application. Apply the mousse evenly to your wavy or curly hair while your head is bent down. You can now choose to tie it with a ponytail, put on a headband or just let your hair down.


If you have a short hair, enjoy keeping the top of your hair straight and let your rounded brush, curl the bottom part of your hair.

Messy look

For this one, forget about smoothing your hair and untangling all knots. It’s all about the mess. Just brush your hair with your fingers and gather it as if you are going to do a ponytail. Then, twist and pull all of it in a bun before trying to tie it up. To make this look even better, put on a classy headband with a bow or row of pearls, leaving a few strands on the side.

Bandana Style

This hairstyle is great especially during those bad hair days. A scarf or a bandana will immediately make you look sophisticated. Put the scarf over your head and tie near the side or at the back of your head. That’s it! If you want to make it more creative, you can use other accessories to match your hanky. You may opt to have braids and ponytails along with your scarf or bandana too.

Straightening and Curling

There are hair irons that can be used for both wet and dry hair. They can be used for straightening and curling too. Some irons are specifically used for curling alone. If you already mastered the use of  hair irons, you can style your hair in just 5 minutes. But before doing that, make sure to put a hair protectant. Ensure that you don’t put too much as it may look greasy.

Hair Poof

This next hairstyle needs your comb, bobby pins and hair spray. First, brush and untangle knots in your hair to create a smoother finish. Separate about a two-inch section of your hair in front. Then, tease the back of this section so it will be the one to support your hair poof. Put some hairspray on it to make it stay up. Brush it gently towards the back and pin it with a few bobby pins. Ensure that it stays up without falling flat. Arrange it neatly and brush any stray hair. After arranging your hair, put some more hairspray on the poof.

Side Bun

You may ask for help to do this in 5 minutes. The best look for this next hairstyle must be sleek and neat. In the side bun, let it appear tidy especially when you’re using a formal dress. To start, you need a few bobby pins, hair brush, hair flower, ribbon or bow, and a hair tie. First, brush your hair to the side which you prefer, like you’re going to do a ponytail on the side, but you need to braid it. After that, you also need to tie your hair. Gently wrap the braided hair around the base, near the hair tie. Secure this with several bobby pins. Once you have made this, resemble a bun on the side, pin a ribbon, flower or bow near your ear to highlight your side bun.

Cute Ponytails

Brush your hair and make sure that it is tangle-free, smooth and soft. Gather your hair and tie it with your favorite ribbon. Neatly tie all your hair in the middle portion. Moreover, for a side ponytail, get a hair tie, some bobby pins and a brush to style your hair into one simple hairstyle. Likewise, ensure that you have no knots or tangles on your hair. Brush your hair to the side you prefer. If you have bangs that are swept to one side, tie your hair to the other side to make your face slimmer. After this, pick a few strands from the bottom and let it wrap around and cover the hair tie. Then, secure the strands with bobby pins. By the way, if you have curly hair, use a straightening mousse or serum to tame your locks.

Half Ponytail

Here’s another easy hairstyle for you. It’s sometimes called a half up or a half down ponytail. You will need your hair tie and your brush. Like before, make sure that you don’t have any tangles or knots. Then, brush one half of your hair at the back or side and tie it. You can choose how high your half ponytail is. You can tie it near the crown, poof it, or tie it low near the nape. Headbands are sometimes combined with this hairstyle as well as for those with thinner hair; you may curl some of your hair.

Enjoy these 5-Minute Hairstyles and share them to your family and friends.