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Acai Berry Detoxification: A Healthy Option

In the rainforest of the amazon is a tree whose fruit is like a small purple marble and similar to a berry. Small but dynamic; this is acai berry which is acclaimed as one of the healthiest foods in the planet! Acai berries are highly perishable so unless you go to the amazon, you will not be able to taste fresh acai berries. The good news is that modern food technology has found a way to market the fruit as if it were freshly plucked from the acai berry tree. One of its magnificent wonders: acai berry cleanse/detoxification. Acai berry is the best cleansing and detoxifying agent.This article will discuss about the nutritional content of acai berry and the step by step 5-day Plan towards acai berry cleanse/detoxification.

Acai Berries

Studies revealed that it is the nutrients in acai berry which perform these multi-functions: it diminishes pain and soreness; heightens energy, sexual appetite and stamina; keeps the healthy function of the body systems and organs; maintains healthy, glowing hair & skin; promotes healthy sleep; rejuvenates mind, body and spirit; serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent; and strengthens the immune system. Acai berries can do all of these functions because of its nutritional contents.

Nutritional content of acai berry


Keyword in the health market is antioxidant. Acai is teeming with a rich amount of anthocyanins, an antioxidant that gives acai its purple color. It serves to slow down the aging process, is good for the heart, hastens blood clot and improves blood circulation in the body. It contains vitamin e, also an antioxidant agent.

Fatty acids

The health market is also agog about fatty acids. A considerable amount of oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6) are found within this small purple fruit. These are fatty acids which are responsible in keeping hdl levels (good fat) and reducing ldl levels (bad fat) in your body. These elements hasten the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, repair muscles and keep the wellness of the nervous system.


These plant sterols reduce cholesterol level and improve urinary tract health by alleviating the symptoms of enlarged prostrate glands.

Acai berry cleanse/detoxification

Maintaining a clean colon is very beneficial for the body. It enables maintaining a high amount of vitamins and mineral absorbed by the blood stream; gives mental clarity and increases energy level; keeps metabolism up, strengthens the immune system; and reduces fat which leads to weight loss. The potent nutrients within the acai berry make it the best kind of cleansing and detoxification agent. As harmful wastes are collected inside the flaps in the intestinal tract, it requires a proper amount of concentrated fibers to break down and eliminate these nasty toxins. Colon cleanser is able to purge the digestive tract and keep a healthy mind and body.

Acai berry cleanse is the name given to this detox process which is the best way to eliminate harmful toxins from the body using the natural way. There are many detox agents in the market but acai berry cleanse is not only the most economical but also the most effective. By means of detoxification, the body improves its over-all health and a good way to prevent cancer.

Acai Berry Supplements

Step by step towards acai berry cleanse/detoxification

  • Acai berry cleanse is a five day plan so follow it accordingly. The cleansing is juice-based fast, to get rid of all the sugar-based foods, processed foods and junk foods in your system;
  • The transition process can be in the form of slowly changing from your regular diet to low carbs small meals. You can include some amount of raw veggies and fruits;
  • Drink with each meal an ounce of acai berry juice or you can take the drink separately. Include green salad in your acai berry regimen;
  • Drink lots of water mixed with acai berry juice in between meals. As you are about to end cleansing process, gradually start eating healthy foods and refrain from eating any high carb or sugar based and fatty foods for the next four days.

Acai berry cleanse/detoxification is an internal cleansing product which flushes out toxins, reduces bloats, sheds unwanted pounds, boosts metabolism and increases energy level. The high-energy and nutrient-dense fruit contain all of this antioxidant, amino-acids which build up protein, fiber and essential fatty acids. This purple round berry is small but it is big in content and powerful in keeping your body healthy.