Appealing Balding Hair Styles for Men

Many men of today are worrying about getting bald.  To get bald especially when you grow older can be deemed as normal but there are definitely hairstyles that can help you compensate over this issue. You need not spend on useless hair products just to patch things up for all you need is to try out a few hairstyles perfect for those suffering from baldness.  Here are some balding hair styles that you can go for:

Go for the Military Style

If you have no idea what this looks like, then try to check out the current hairstyle of John Cena. Whether the wrestler-actor is balding or not, you can be sure that this is one good haircut your can sport if you feel that you are already on that stage of life. When you keep your hair short, you steer away everyone’s attention from all those spots that are balding as it just blends well with your already thinning hair. This is the illusion it makes that you have more hair still than others think.

Never Do The Combover

Yes, it is Donald Trump who sets this example. He does the combover in an extreme rate that you would surely be disappointed with how his stylists can allow this to happen to a jetsetter as Trump. However, you would still find a lot of iconic personalities in the society doing this like Senator John McCain. Remember, this will not do you any good especially you have balding hair.


flickr photo by crazyidol

Should You Go For The Shaved Head?

This style is fine if it would fit you the way it fit known celebrities like Michael Jackson and also Bruce Willis. Many fashion experts say that shaved heads can make some guys look dominant in their personalities and can even make some of them look younger than their actual age. However, the truth behind this is that this is certainly not for everyone. You must research first about the appropriate shape and size of head that fits this style before you even decide to shave it all off.


Cut it With a Buzz

This is the best companion style ever once you see those bald spots showing up. It has a look that is not totally shaved for your haircutter leaves a very thin layer of hair still left on your head. The best example celebrity who wears this balding hairstyle is popular tennis player Andre Agassi. He used to have all that healthy and fluffy hair way back in the 80s up to the early parts of the 90s but he went for the buzz cut when he started playing doubles. In the acting world, it is Jason Stratham who you can see with this cut as well.


Settling for Textured Crops

If your balding spots can only be seen up front but you still have a lot of hair to boast of at the back and the sides, then this kind of hairstyle is the best that you can have. Just like the other thumbs up hairstyles already discussed, this crop is mainly focused on proper blending of the hair you still have and the spaces which have already lost hair. This would lead your hairstylist to cutting layers that are uneven and this is one all time hairstyle for celebrities like Jude Law and even Brad Pitt.


Try To Prevent Baldness

Aside from going for the variety of hairstyles that can cover up your balding stage, you can also do some tips and steps to control this condition in your life. There are popular topical medications you can buy over the counter and just apply it responsibly on your scalp. There are others who go for the most costly hair transplants only if it can fit your allotted budget. And finally, there is the toupee that comes in various styles, colors and sizes that you can wear just like your clothes. Make sure that you search for the toupee that would make you look as if you are just wearing your natural hair. In fact, when you search for celebrities who wear such, you will be surprised with a huge number of them owning a lot of these.