Are Detox Cleansers Safe to Use?

There is a growing interest and a widespread popularity on detoxification diets and colon cleansing. A variety of products such as pills and supplements are being offered to consumers that can be bought through the internet and at local drugstores. The main question is, are these detox cleansers safe? In this article, let’s discuss the different detox cleansers and find out how effective and safe they really are.

What are the different cleansers commonly used in detox diets?

Most detox cleansers are related to colon cleansing. Some are selling products that help you with this aspect. These cleansers involve taking a supplement, pill or juices with organic ingredients, which they claim has high anti-oxidant properties. These supplements or juices are taken in a period of time – usually in less than a week – after which, there will be a release of toxic materials from the body, especially the colon. For example, there is the Master Cleanse Lemonade diet where you will have to drink lemonade for three to ten days.

Why do people do cleansing or detox diets?

The idea is that these colon cleansers will be instruments in releasing toxins such as built-up waste from the body. They also claim that you will feel energetic, light and empty. There is the connotation that the organic ingredients contained in the supplements or juice will act as agent to remove harmful materials in the colon. They believe that by undergoing this cleanse detoxification program, you will have better bowel movement and there will be a lighter, cleaner feeling effect overall.

Do these cleansing diets have side effects?

The manufacturers and endorsers of these detox cleansers are saying that the usual side effects are normal and just part of undergoing the program. Some side effects are dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, cramps and irritability. These side effects are said to only last for a few days at the start of the process and then your body will adjust and adapt to the detoxification.

Are all the claims of these detox cleansers true?

It may be true that you will release waste and have regular bowel movement after the detox cleansing program but most of these effects are happening because of fiber in the supplement. This is just like being on a fiber-rich diet. There are no scientific studies and published literature that support the claims of these cleansers. Most doctors will only recommend colon cleansing if there are symptoms of chronic constipation, gastrointestinal motility, fecal impaction or abdominal pains that the patient are experiencing. If you are not feeling or experiencing these symptoms, they do not recommend colonoscopy (or the medical procedure of colon cleansing).

 What are the risks related to detox cleansers?

One of the major risks related to detox juices and colon cleansers are the process of removing all bacteria from the body. Sometimes they not only remove the harmful bacteria but also those that keep our bodies functioning correctly. All of us have a multitude of good bacteria that our bodies use for digestion and improvement of immunity to fight off diseases. When you use these cleansers regularly, you risk losing these good bacteria along with the bad ones. It will result to susceptibility to diseases and ailments such as yeast infections of the vagina, belly button and other body parts.

Another risk is to have an imbalance in the electrolytes in the kidneys. If you take any supplement that is high in sugar or glucose or high in sodium or salt, these cleansing solutions will take out a big amount of liquid from your body. If you do not drink more than your usual water intake, you will risk becoming dehydrated. But some of the modern cleansers have improved and you will only experience these risk if you undergo these detox program for a long time.

Other risks include becoming acidic or developing acidosis (which is a term used when your blood becomes acidic, a serious condition), muscle pains, headaches, weakness and extreme mood swings. These may be minor effects but good to know before starting any detox cleansing.

What are some alternatives to detox cleansers?

The best way to detoxify and have a healthier colon is to eat well. You can have a diet very rich in fiber. Fiber, combined with enough liquid intake, can help move waste quickly and easily through the digestive tract and make it function properly. A high-fiber diet also reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Try green, leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It will be best to avoid caffeine, carbonated sodas and other processed food. It is always recommended that you consult your physician before undergoing any detoxification or colon cleansing program.

Are Detox Cleansers Safe?

The safety of a detox cleanser for every individual varies. Medical advice is necessary before doing any detoxification procedure so that you will know how safe and potent a particular detox cleanser is.