Artistry Cosmetics for Skin Care

If you are not familiar with Artistry cosmetics, then you’ve probably not been approached yet by an Amway dealer. Artistry is the cosmetics brand sold exclusively through Amway and Quixtar, that are both part of the Alticor group of companies. It’s known primarily as one of the prestige brands along with Estee Lauder, Lancôme, Clinique and Chanel.

Who is the target market of Artistry cosmetics?

Artistry offers different products that fall under 2 major categories – skin care and makeup. Like most cosmetics brand, they divided their product lines under these two categories to address skin and facial care and makeup that target working and highly discriminating women.  These women have high standards and choose only the best products that their hard earned money can buy. They do not have a problem spending more for an item, but they expect the product to also give them more value for their bucks.

What are the different product lines of Artistry cosmetics?

For skin care, they have the Skin Care Essentials line which includes hydrating toner, cleanser, lotion and other crèmes. Still under skin care, they also have the Anti-aging serums and crèmes called the Time Defiance line, Brightening or whitening products called the Pure White line, Intensive treatments and lastly, the Luxury product which is called the Crème Lx.

Their makeup products include their different foundations depending on what you want and what fits you best – such as liquid foundations with oil control or with sun protection. There are powder foundations and concealers. Other makeup products include eye makeup such as liners, mascaras, and shadows. There are a variety of colors for lips and cheeks too.

Suffice it to say, you won’t look for anything more for your cosmetic need if you like Artistry. They have a wide range of products of everything you require for skin care and makeup. You can choose which works best for you.

What are the common ingredients used in Artistry cosmetics?

Before using any product that is directly applied to your skin and face, you need to know what raw materials are included in your cosmetics. Some ingredients found in their Skin care products are the following: essential fatty acid, borage, perilla, sunflower, macadamia oils and kukui nut. Kukui nuts are often used in cosmetics for their great conditioning properties. These nuts create silky smooth feel once applied.

Anti-aging products often has sun protection, green algae, licorice and caffeine. Yes, caffeine. These ingredients are known to help reduce lines and wrinkles and tighten skin.  Other materials used in anti-aging are vitamin C coming from acerola cherries and L-ascorbic acid.

For makeup, the most common ingredients are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea and sunscreen. These are used in a variety of their makeup line and they help to protect your face from free radicals. Foundations and powders are infused with sun protection to prevent sun damage signs such as brown spots and unsightly blemishes.

What differentiates Artistry from other prestige brands?

Artistry is claiming that they use the latest scientific methodologies and cosmetic technology to produce the best cosmetic products for their customers. Included in their promise are state-of-the-art production, highest quality ingredients and clinical trials performed by unbiased third party research companies.

Some technologies they are claiming to use are too technical though they are trying to explain them in their product descriptions. There is the Derma Cell Exchange which they tell to prevent the signs of aging. Moreover, oxishield solar complex helps protect your face from sun damage and other pollutants.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Artistry cosmetics?

One of the benefits of using Artistry cosmetics is the wide range of products available to can take care of your skin and complete your makeup needs. From cleansers, toners and moisturizers to eye, lip and cheek makeup. This is great if you have tried their products and they work wonders to your skin.

Another benefit is that you get the service of your Amway dealer. You can ask them to take care of your orders and make purchasing your makeup the least of your worries.

One distinct disadvantage of using Artistry cosmetics is the high cost. It won’t be called a prestige brand for no reason. All the things you like about their products come with a price. But what Artistry is saying is to invest in your skin care and makeup now. You pay a little higher, but you’ll use them for a long time and you can see the wonders that their products can do for your skin.