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The Effects of Bleach on Skin

Bleach is a solution of a compound called sodium hypochlorite; sometimes calcium hypochlorite is called bleach as well. Both compounds dissolve readily in water and are highly alkaline. The Material Safety Data Sheet for Clorox regular bleach, for example, lists the pH of its product as 11.9. Chlorine bleach (a solution of approximately 3–6% sodium hypochlorite, NaClO) and ammonia, when used together, can have very harmful effects on the body. It is especially important to avoid exposing the skin or eyes to bleach when handling it, as such an exposure can cause severe tissue damage. Continue reading


How to Repair damaged hair: Home Remedies

It is surprising how a mane of shiny locks can add to the charm of someone’s physical appearance. And it is equally as astonishing to see how easily a person subject themselves to deep self dejection by a mere few strands of split ends. Of course, everyone yearns for silky smooth, superstar worthy hair that would make Miranda Kerr weep. I mean who doesn’t? The desire to have healthy undamaged hair has been embedded into our heads and has even made it’s way to popular culture. Continue reading