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Basic Tips to Create Fascinating Pouting Lips

The lips of a woman is her asset. It is said that diamonds are girl’s best friend but her lipstick is her soul mate. Lips say a lot more than words, that’s why most women feel naked without lipstick. The recent IN lip fad this year are the pouting lips. Many women are imitating the pouting lips of Hollywood celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. Do you know that in body language, pouting lips are signs of sulkiness or disapproval? But not so today, for pouting lips are beauty spots. Actually, if you are wearing lipstick or lip gloss fitted to you, you do not need to wear heavy make-up on the other parts of your face, especially if the lipstick creates beautiful pouting lips.  Thus, beautiful and sexy lips create impression and define the beauty of your face.

To get full pouting lips, you do not have to pay for expensive and painful injections. You can create an illusion by using various cosmetics that are inexpensive and easily found in the market. After all, women can naturally form their lips into a pout. There are steps to do regularly to keep lips soft, smooth and in the best condition.

Here are some tips to create those full, sexy and thick-looking lips that pout perfectly:


  • Always clean your lips by removing flakes and nourish your lips. By exfoliation, you lips will look clean and smooth. You can use lip balms that are sold in many outlets.
  • Common trick is to use a clean and dry small tooth brush in applying a mixture of 59% honey and 50% sugar to remove dry flakes and renders your lips soft.
  • Apply moisturizer to your lips using lip balm as Neutrogena or Vaseline. Neutrogena is a good overnight treatment as it has Vitamin E and glycerin. You cannot have pouted lips without using moisturizer.

You may not be contented in creating the illusion of pouted lips but would like one that is really for real.

Why not use a Lip Plumper?

  • You just have to buy a good lip pumper which is like a lip gloss but stings like a bee. Your lips will stay pumped only temporarily from 2 to 4 hours enough to look great in a party. It is almost painless and doesn’t need needles to inject the collagen. These are sold in most drugstores and department stores.

You Need a Lip Pencil

  • A lip pencil is a fine method to gently outline the skin around your lips and color this area with your real lip color. Choose the shade closest to the color of your real lips. Use a light colored lip pencil to add a highlight on the top middle portion of your lower lip. Simply rub the lip pencil in this part to produce a light highlight. Apply your lip gloss or sheep lipstick over the highlighted area for a full pouty look.

Apply Gloss

  • Applying the gloss serves as the finishing touches for a shiny look. Gloss can make thin lips appear full, pouty and luscious. You may use a clear gloss or one that has some pigmented color. This technique gives your lips a three-dimensional look.
  • You create that perfect pout without using lip plumper or collagen. You simply apply a thin amount of frosted pale pink or skin color lipstick to the top middle area of your lower lips. Repeat this in the entire upper lip. Then apply a sheer lipstick over the frosted lipstick. The base lipstick will shine through the sheer one highlighting area on your lips. This is an easy way to create a three- dimensional pouty look.

Looking beautiful is no easy task; you have to work for it. Be creative, try different shades of lipsticks that will work best for you. Remember, it’s not bad to try and look for various ways to enhance your natural beauty, especially if you are not spending much money to show your desired look. The tips given above require time and effort to really come-up with the full, sexy and thick-looking lips that pout perfectly. Just keep in mind that your effort is worth your while when the result is a face that launched a thousand ships.