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Beauty and Healing Properties of Bergamot oil

Though we are living in a society whose dependence in technology is existential, most of the beauty products that we use are extracted from natural sources. One of these natural occurring beauty substances is the Bergamot oil. Tracing its origins from the rich heritage of the Italian culture, Bergamot oil is now used in a variety of ways. To know how this essential oil can benefit you, read on.

Bergamot Oil: Nature’s Healing Liquid

The plant from which bergamot is extracted grows on some parts of Europe and in the tropical parts of the globe. Used by the indigenous people as an herbal medicine, Bergamot oil is extracted from a ripe citrus fruit that is more popularly known as Citrus Bergama. The oil comes from the peel of the fruit. The peels are pressed for their juices which are then made into oil. Around 200 kilos of Bergamot peelings are needed to obtain at most one liter of Bergamot juice.

The Bergamot oil is noted for its sweet and tangy scent that can easily calm the senses. The aroma of Bergamot resembles that of the
lavender but it is known to be more potent. The color of a pure Bergamot oil may display a green to yellowish green hue. A staple among massage oils, Bergamot oil has the consistency of water.

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Health Benefits of Bergamot Oil


One of the most noted characteristics of Bergamot oil is its ability to be an antidepressant. This essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy due to its capacity to calm the senses and promote a feeling of serenity and peace. Bergamot oil that is massaged into the body can relax the nerves and relieve tension. This oil is also recommended for those who are suffering from chronic stress and fatigue, repeated episodes of sleeplessness, and high blood pressure.


Aside from making the body calm, Bergamot oil also has antiseptic properties. It can be mixed with bathing water to remove germs and bacteria that are thriving in the body. Fungi-related problems are also known to be cured by Bergamot oil.  Bergamot soaps, lotions and creams are effective in making the skin look clear and blemish free. Hair products that contain Bergamot essence can also help in maintaining the natural glow and shine of the hair.

Other Health Benefits

Those who are suffering from intestinal problems such as infection of the gall bladder, kidney, or colon can be cured by using Bergamot
oil. This oil also has soothing properties that makes it effective in decreasing the body temperature of a person suffering from fever.

Beauty Benefits of Bergamot Oil

The use of Bergamot oil can be effective if the user wants to achieve a clear and flawless skin. Aside from acting as a cleanser, Bergamot
oil can also cure skin diseases such as vitiligo, eczema and psoriasis. It also regulates the production and distribution of melanin, making the skin look whiter and evenly toned. Not only that, Bergamot oil is also efficient in eradicating dark spots, loose patches, and even wrinkles.

Oil and sebum secretions are also negated by the use of Bergamot oil. Due to this attribute, this oil can be used as a potent anti acne
remedy. The ultimate benefit that it can provide to our skin is that it slows down the aging process to reveal a younger and fresher look.

Cracked heels, scars, and dark patches of the skin can also be eradicated through the religious application of Bergamot oil and other
Bergamot cosmetics.

Cautions That Should be considered along with the Use of Bergamot Oil

Everything has its downside. Though Bergamot oil can be the answer to your health and beauty dilemma, you have to consider certain things to keep its potency and effectiveness. First of all, store your Bergamot oil in a dark bottle and keep it in a cool and dark place. Exposure to direct sunlight or heat does not only sabotage the health effects of the oil, it also causes it to react and become a toxic substance.

After massaging the oil in your body, do not go out and expose yourself to the sun. This can cause skin rashes or sun burn. The use of this substance is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers.  This is so because Bergamot oil has antispasmodic properties. There are many merchandisers that sell Bergamot oil and Bergamot cosmetics. Be sure to buy your Bergamot beauty supplies from trusted stores to prevent undesired side effects. These are just some of the benefits that you can derive from using Bergamot oil. This essential oil is just one of the many proofs that nature is a rich and generous source for items that promote our well being.