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Beauty and New Technology

Whether by force or by choice, us people of the tech era have our butts firmly glued for long hours in front of a computer screen. New technology they call it. We may have the fanciest nano tech face cream or whatever expensive anti wrinkle unguents compared to our grandmothers, but really, we’re ageing more than they did when they were our age.  Beauty and new technology, long hours in front of the idiot box, are we really coexisting peacefully?

Most of us our bound to our computer desks for at least 6-8 hours a day. That’s almost half  of the time we spend awake in a day. Dry skin, tired eyes, wrinkles, lowered metabolism, aches, insomnia and etc, all of these are adverse effects that are bound to manifest tech bound prisoners. Since it’s inevitable to avoid the computer, is there anything we can do to preserve our youth and beauty while toiling away in the name of technology?

Here are some ways to combat the negative effects of computers and all that tech!


Sitting in front of the screen is major dehydrating business. With all that action going on in the screen, it’s hard to remember to take sips of water. So next time, bring a water bottle, preferably one with measurements on it so you’ll be able to monitor the amount you’ve drunk. Aim for 4-6 cups at the work place which is around 1.5 liters since a cup of water is around 250ml. Ample hydration from within ensures better skin, better kidneys, less sluggish circulation and keeps funky breath at bay.


Staying in one position for a long span of time actually cuts off blood circulation to many parts of our body, especially our limbs. And because of that, our muscles waste away and fat accumulates. Apart from that, lactic acid accumulation occurs from all the bad posture, giving unpleasant muscle aches and joint pains. So try to stretch your muscles every half an hour, and that includes the muscles that help move your eyeballs! Refer to the illustration for more info (pictures credit to lifehacker.com). You will feel all refreshed!

Multitask while on the computer

Activities in front of the computer while surfing on the net isn’t limited to just listening to music or tapping your fingers impatiently for a video to load. Well, for folks who are permanently in front of their desks even when they’re at home (like me), you can try incorporating beauty rituals like putting on a face mask or applying moisturizers to your skin while watching movies or youtube. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually do by the end of your computer session.

Take the Stairs

With that much resting your glutes on the chair and being stationary, there’s actually no harm opting for the stairs instead of the elevator. Your body will thank you, especially your heart, lungs and kidney, by getting a bit of a rush of blood around your system. Moving more often also makes you perspire, which encourages detoxification. And on the plus side, more movement equals better looking, toned muscles.

Keep healthy snacks around and snack regularly.

It’s hard not to snack when we’re bound to the computer screen. Problem is, when we’re occupied with whats going in front of us, it’s hard to pay attention to what we snack on, alas we end up with excessive empty calories. So to avoid that, try keeping individually packed nuts, dried fruit mix or whole grain crackers nearby so portions are under control and not too sinful. Also, snack regularly to avoid your blood sugar from dropping drastically, making you binge on food later.

Good chair and back support

When we focus so much on the shiny screen in front of us, it’s not unusual for us to sit in awkward positions, with horrible postures for a long time. The problem is when we’re young, we think our body’s invincible. We strain ourselves by slouching and forming all sorts of other bad habits along the way. And once we’re old, our shoulders, necks and lower back gets the most out of the ill treatment. So start avoiding all that by investing in a good chair that’s ergonomically designed to give good support to your back, arms and neck. If changing a chair is not an option, at least get some firm cushions so you have just the right amount at your back  to keep your spine naturally curved. Remember you should feel comfortable while sitting upright in your chair, with thighs parallel to the floor. Your body will thank you later.

Good night’s sleep

Do you find yourself restless during bedtime after a whole day facing a flickering screen? Falling asleep at all the wrong times? Bedtime and all you do is stare at the ceiling? According to scientists, the bright glare from our monitor actually tricks our body into thinking we’re still somewhere in the day time. Plus with all that stimulating information from our computers, especially before bedtime, it’s hard to calm our brains down for sandman time. So make it a routine to ban computers at least one hour before bedtime. Instead, indulge in bedtime routines by reading a book, having a warm cup of chamomile tea, or simply snuggling in bed with the one you love.

We can’t live without computers because technology and us are pretty much intertwined and inseparable.  However, that doesn’t mean we have to compromise our health and beauty for it. By changing some habits while we’re stuck in front of the computer, we can pretty much counteract the negative effects.  Have a go and change your life for better.