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Beauty Dilemma during Winter Holidays

Christmas season, as we all know, is the most awaited holiday of all. Family gatherings and friendly reunions are done in various parts of the world to celebrate this particular holiday. But then again, there are several downsides during Christmas season, the hype, the panic and the number one adversary of all, the weather. Winter’s harsh winds are known to cause dry skin, chapped lips, and many others which women find infuriating. Knowing the right precautions on how to deal with these beauty problems would be of great help for women to enjoy the holidays.

Dry Skin

One of the most important things to do during winter is to keep your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water and use moisturizers to prevent your skin from flaking. You can also try for a cheap, quick and light refreshing bath scrub by blending household products such as bicarbonate soda, sugar and olive oil.

Red and wind-bitten face

To soothe redness, mix lavender oil, rosehip oil and a small distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray it on your face to calm the winter redness. It’s also important for women to switch their make-ups during this colder part of the year. So to ensure that you look “au naturel” during winter days, put your summer foundation away for a while and use a foundation one to two shades lighter than your summer foundation and blend these two shades to achieve the perfect tone. As we are generally pale during winter, this “perfect” foundation mixture will give your skin a healthy and glowing effect. It would also help if you know how to choose a product which suits your age. Remember that cream-based make ups work best on younger skin as they appear fresh and dewey. Meanwhile, women who are of late 30s and above should stick to powder-based make ups to prevent creases from appearing.

Chapped lips

It is during this time of the year that lips dry out the fastest and lip balms are very much needed. Be sure to keep them covered by applying a good lip balm several times a day to replenish the moisture in your lips. If your lips have already been damaged, do not bite the skin on the surface of your lips. The skin will never have a chance to heal if you chew on it. You can also exfoliate your lips by combining a little olive oil and sugar on your toothbrush and rubbing it onto your lips.

Static hair

Static can be very strong in wintertime because of the dry air. If your hair is charged with static, brushing your hair could become a nightmare. Static does more damage than anything, even with “static free” brushes. Rub a dryer softener sheet over the brush, and even down the wake of the hair, before brushing. It does wonders and cuts down a lot of tangles! If above tip doesn’t work and you still have trouble with static, check your hair care products. Some shampoos wash your hair so squeaky clean, that all natural oils disappear (these oils protect your hair shaft as well as prevent static, too). If you do not wish to change your products, use jojoba oil after washing to add the natural amount of oil to your hair.

Cracked heel

Unattractive, upsetting and sometimes painful, cracked heels are known to have been caused by excessively dry skin. Although going barefoot and wearing shoes with open backs exacerbates the problem, this gets worse during winter months or for those who live in dry climates. Unfortunately, as the condition worsens, it becomes more difficult to treat, since regular moisturizers won’t penetrate the dry, dead, thick skin on our heels. Keep the affected area moisturized, apply moisturizers and wear cotton socks as you go to bed.

Cuticle problem

Wear protective gear on your hands and keep your nails short. Cutting your fingernails short reserves body resources for your cuticles. Short nails can remain healthy with less moisture. Aside from that, your cuticles also require extra moisture in the winter to remain healthy. It is advisable to apply a rich hand lotion several times a day, especially after washing your hands. In the evening while watching TV, massage olive oil into your nails, fingertips and cuticles. And when you’re ready to go to bed, wipe the excess oil from your hands with a paper towel.

‘Tis the season to be pretty! Enjoy celebrating the holidays!