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BeautyTips Alphabet: from N to Z

If you enjoyed the first part of our beauty tips alphabet, here is the second part of A to Z Beauty and Health Tips such as Nail Sculptures, Olive Oil, Potatoes, Quartz, Relaxation, Salad, Toothpaste, Umbrella, Victoria Secret Lingerie, Weight Loss Program, eXercise, Yogurt and Zest for Life. If you want to stay beautiful, why not try the following tips, keep reading…  

N – ail Sculptures

You can say goodbye to your unsightly nails by nails sculpture. It is a unique way of sculpting nails which requires intricate application. It is truly an art form as it uses special techniques involving creativity in application. Technicians will consider the shape of your hands, nails and nail beds to create the most natural looking beautiful nails. The finished nails do not need brushing or polishing.

O – live Oil

Is not just the lady-love of Popeye, the Sailor Man but in reality goes beyond cooking, from personal care, health benefits and home remedies. It promotes healthy skin, benefits hair, eases snoring, cures earaches and prevents heart disorders, high blood & cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and gallstones. As natural oil, it tastes great, rich in high nutritional value and contains Omega 9.

P – otatoes

You can create the yummiest recipes using potatoes but more than this, potatoes offer lots of health benefits. They aid in weight gain & digestion, promote skin care & brain function and  prevent scurvy, rheumatism, inflammation, high blood, heart diseases, kidney stones, diarrhea, ulcers, cancer and lots of others.

Q – uartz

Are amazing stones that are universally believed to have health benefits and healing powers. They said that when you wear quartz, it attracts life source from the core of your being and brings it out in the physical world. As this life force circulates in your body, it is able to nourish and balance your mind, emotions and physical body.

R – elaxation

High pace of life style and work today calls for the need for relaxation. Studies revealed the relationship between stress and health. Stress is damaging to your moods and eventually causing chronic disorders in digestion, high cholesterol levels, brings on hypertension, injuring arteries and blocking the heart. Relaxation allows body to resume its normal balance and allows individual to live in harmony within himself. Types of relaxation differ from person to person.

S – alad

Salad of fresh veggies is nutrient rich containing the light and catching energy of the plants. They are teeming with vitamins A, B, C, beta-carotene, calcium foliate, fibre and phytonutrients. Green veggies make healthful diets as they do not have cholesterol, low in carbs and sodium insuring long-term health.

T – oothpaste

A tooth brush is useless without a tooth paste. Made of paste or gel dentifrice, it works with the toothbrush to clean and maintain the beauty and health of the teeth.  It is an aid to oral hygiene serving as the abrasive that removes dental plaque and food from the teeth, suppresses halitosis and delivers ingredients as fluoride and xylitol to prevent tooth and gingivitis.

U – mbrella

Also known as parasol, this serves as a canopy to protect you against rain or sunlight. As one ventures from one place to the next, the skin is protected from the UV rays by umbrellas. Sometimes, umbrellas make interesting fashion statements. In many places, umbrella is an essential equipment to bring out of the house.

 V – ictoria Secret Lingerie

To create an alluring and tantalizing you, get Victoria Secret lingerie and enjoy the feel of being completely feminine. You have the option to choose from a wide array of styles, colours and materials to suit your romantic mood and bringing out the best in you.

W – eight Loss Program

With the holiday just around the corner, get yourself ready by enrolling in a weight loss program. You will look more fitting when you  lose a few pounds and continuing the program after the joyful season. It will be a great introduction for you to get the discipline needed to achieve the silhouette that you have been dreaming for the coming year. Select from among the programs available online.

eX -ercise

Flex those lazy muscles.  Have a  regular exercise.  Go to the nearby gym or engage in sports.

Y – ogurt

Don’t forget to include yogurt in your grocery list. It has power-boasting protein and bone-building calcium. It helps you lose weight, gives you flat abs and contains good bacteria plus yogurt is loaded with vitamins. It gives energy, prevents high blood, cold and , protects your teeth.

Z – est for Life

With good health and beauty, you will have zest for life and enjoy life to the fullest.