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Best Hair Weave Brands and Techniques

Prior to choosing for the best hair weave brands, you should initially know the weaving style that you desire to achieve and the technique that you want your hair dresser to do for your locks.  This article will help you decide by supplying you with information regarding the different best hair weave techniques and brands.

Hair weaves generally lengthen your hair, put volume as well as thicken your thinning hair. There are two types of hair weaves to choose from. The human hair weave and the synthetic hair weave. Between the two, human hair is much expensive yet, worth paying for. Let’s discuss the difference between the two.

Human Hair Weave is designed having healthiest raw components which can be far more authentic and flexible compared to synthetic hair weave. Synthetic Hair Weave on the other hand,  usually gets frizzy and out of shape once wet. You can never iron or heat it up mainly because it will certainly melt.

Extension HairCredit to Tim Pierce

Extension hair is significant as hair is weaved strand by strand instead of attaching them in long rows. Attached strands by keratin tips are about 50 to 80 strands similar to the end of shoe string. By using copper links, the hair is attached that looks so natural. On the other hand, it is costly since this type of application needs a considerable effort and time.

Moreover, ponytail is another type of hair extension. You need to know that resembling a wig piece, hair extensions come in various colors such as brown, black, blonde, red, brown. Some opt using creative colors such as green, blue and even purple or pink.

Hair Weave Techniques

Infusion Technique

This is a strand-by-strand hair extension technique that gives fuller hair, more volume and versatility. Infusion contributes a lot to promote hair growth with natural and normal hair . Most hair experts are using this kind of hair weave technique because of its guaranteed long lasting effect. To do this, natural hair is detached into small sections and then with the use of hair glue and wax, the natural hair is then attached. But, there is an infusion newest method which utilizes no heat, no glue as not to damage natural hair.

Braided Technique

This technique involves braiding the hair into cornrows. This braiding method must be closed to your head in Credit to Tim Piercehorizontal or circular form. Hair experts in this kind of hair weave technique offers more fabulous and fun braid hairstyles. Thus, special needle and thread are used with this technique. Moreover, the number of braids will depend on the amount of hair you want to add or how your hairstylist handles the weaves. Furthermore, this hair weave technique usually lasts up to two months.

Bonding Technique

This is  probably the most popular and easiest hair weave technique that can lasts up to several weeks. It is also the most famous non-permanent weaving method and one of the best ways to improve volume to your natural hair. By the use of special adhesive, tracks of your hair are glued specifically to the roots of your hair. It is best to consider that tracks must not be left there for more than a week or two to avoid hair damage. Furthermore, there are 2 types of bond, the hard bond and the soft bond. Special hair weave glue has two different colors such as black and white. White glue works best for blonde hair weaves

Netting Technique

This specific technique entails tying natural locks under a thin net which hair experts weave the extensions. Netting delivers additional versatility compared to track positioning because the hair dresser is not limited to sewing extensions by means of braiding. This kind of fashion can lasts up to three months if adequately taken care of.

Other hair weave techniques are Tree braiding, Clip-in and clip-on hair extensions, Lace extensions and Micro Braiding.

 Best Hair Weave Brands

There are so many best hair weave brands to choose from.  Some options include Amour, Art, Remi, Beauti Collection, Batil Hair Extensions, Beverly Johnson Hairs,  Black Diamond hairs, Black Tide Heatable Extensions, Bohyme Hairs, Care free Collection Hairs, Element, Eual Hair Extensions, Pure Exchange Heatable Hair, JBS Hairs and so much more.

Hair care

Considering that hair weaves are not your own natural hair, it doesn’t absorb natural nourishment and natural oilscoming from your scalp. Washing it simply similar to washing your natural hair is advisable. You can also make use of conditioner along with other safe moisturizing hair products for your hair weaves. Also be cautious in drying it up by employing hairdryers. Consequently, never use hair straightening irons so not to damage the locks.