Best Permanent Hair Straightening Products for Your Frizzy Hair

Did you notice that several women with straight hair want their hair curled, while those with curly hair want their hair straightened?   Due to the presence of moisture called hydrogen molecules, our hair becomes curly.What could be some of the best permanent hair straightening products available  today? There are several hair straightening solutions available to consumers- some are permanent and some are temporary.

Types of Hair Straighteners

Before deciding on what type of hair straightening product to use, you must first consider your hair type and if you want your straight hair to be more permanent, semi-permanent or just for the day. Hair types depend on the thickness of hair from fine hair to coarse and kinky hair. Look through the options below and read on to decide what is the best hair straightening product that you need to use for your hair.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Numerous shampoos and conditioners are available in the market nowadays to help straighten hair . but most require more potent hair straightening products to see the effect.  If you would just like to straighten your wavy hair a little, you may opt using straightening shampoos and conditioners. Look for products that are capable of giving protection to your hair due to frequent use of blow dryers or flat straightening iron heat. Get a good conditioner as these products deplete your hair of moisture.

Silicone Serum

These serums are straightening oils you apply on your hair once they are dry. Add just a small amount of serum to give your hair a temporary sleek look for the dayhence getting rid of some waves. With serum, a little goes a long way.

Blow Dryer and Straightening Iron

Two temporary hair straightening tools  are blow dryers or straightening irons.  Blow drying is very effective in getting rid of waves and big curls. It can be used with shampoo and conditioner as well as you can add a straightening serum after blow drying to achieve that maximum effect. Just be warned that constant blow drying will make your hair really dry so you need to choose a very good conditioner or moisturizer. There’s a new trend in blow drying your hair such as the ion conditioning blow dryer where it sends negative ions to your hair and dries your hair faster. While straightening irons are most widely used today.

Best Permanent Hair Straightening Products

Permanent hair straightening products should only be applied by hair salon professionals.  Since every hair is different, take note that applying chemicals should not be taken lightly. The right chemical for your hair type should be used; otherwise it will only end up damaging your hair. If you have fine hair and the chemical you used is very strong, there’s a big possibility that you’ll experience a temporary hair loss or very dry hair. On the other hand, if you have coarse or kinky hair, never use a mild formula so you won’t waste your money as your hair might curl in another week or two. Commonly, the best hair straightening product for those who wanted a more permanently straightened hair usually lasts up to six months.

Thermal Reconditioning

This is a relatively new method of hair straightening. The procedure came from Japan and will permanently straighten hair. The good news is that this product is good for all types of hair. It is one of the best hair straightening products available today and it promises to deliver the most permanently straightened hair. However, it takes a lot of time to do it as well as it is the most expensive hair straightening method nowadays.

Hair Straightening Tips

  • Remember to check the product before you buy. Even if it’s just a blow dryer, look for the product with several heating options.
  • For hair irons, make sure to get the best for your hair type. The ceramic hair straightening iron heats up quickly. Titanium hair irons are loaded with negative ions for hair protection and excellent if you have a color-treated hair. While steam can be very effective, it can possibly create a lot of havoc, with hot water spilling down on you.
  • Read product reviews to do a background research on your choice of hair straighteners. Other people who have already used these products might give you insights on what to expect when you finally use them to your own hair.
  • Any type or method of hair straightening depletes your hair of moisture. So be sure to use the best shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize and protect your hair from extreme heat.
  • Do a follow up hot oil or hair spa two weeks after the hair straightening.

Always consult a professional before buying the best hair straightening products. In this way,  they can also give you tips on how to maintain and care for your straightened hair.