picture in sunscreen

Bringing Summer into Autumn Trends

Summer’s over. No more daisy dukes, no more cut off jeans, no more flowy chiffon pieces, away with the maxi dresses and bring on the dark vampy makeup. Well, not quite. Suffering from Summer withdrawal symptoms? Here’s how you can feel like summer again all throughout Fall! Easy!

Make up

Autumn usually spells earthy, rich mineral tones like deep amethyst, browns and mossy greens. Splash in some summer hints like colored metallic eyeliner, subtly applied over upper or lower eyelids, red red red lips with applications of pink blush, or just peachy pinks on your cheeks alone.  Autumn can be just as fun as summer with pops of color here and there. Also, well defined brows from Summer will fare well during Autumn. Remember bronzes? Well, they’re not just reserved for Summer. Adding a bit of bronzer to your cheek bones towards your temples and some on your chin and t-zone will give you a healthy glow in Fall, guaranteed to feel almost like Summer in a few strokes.


Feeling sad packing your Summer threads away? With just the right amount of accessories and pairing up, there’ll be no need to pack your Summer essentials away for Fall.

Get your scarves, sweaters, fitted blazers and belts ready as these will be the binding elements that’ll merge Summer and Fall pieces together.

For your chiffon shorts and chiffon pants and skirt, pair it with a tank top, worn underneath a slightly chunky sweater, or layer it with a fitted jacket to give it a Fall vibe. After that, throw in a belt around the smallest part of your waist, above the layers of clothing to cut down on the bulkiness of the look, giving more definition.

Maxi dresses can be worn underneath over sized T shirts, sweaters, layered above a long sleeved top or made to go with a flowy, long, knitted cardigan, with a belt worn over it of course. So complete the look, throw in a scarf around your neck.

As for your denim shorts or high waisted ripped denim cut offs, pair it with a comfy sweater tucked in, a thin tan leather on the pants, and a big knitted scarf wrapped casually around your neck. If your legs feel a big bare, wear your denim shorts above a pair of warm leggings or stockings, and then proceed to layer up the top.

To complete all the looks, choose either knee high boots or the ever versatile ankle boots and cover yourself generously with accessories, such as chunky long necklaces, statement earrings, rings and lots of bracelets. Most of the time, it’s the accessories that make the look. Throw in some earthy tones to bring in a slight touch of Fall.

Nail Color

Like your eye shadow color and clothing, you can choose to throw in some color on your nails! The most fabulous fashionista can make do without the latest run way trends, but they won’t be caught dead without decent looking nails. So, incorporate Summer hints to your Fall wardrobe by using bright colors. These can be bright coral which has been all over the runway this summer, shimmery greens, turquoise and jovial pinks. For the fun loving people out there, try mustard yellow, bronzes or burnt tangerine which will complement the earthy shades during Fall. Impeccably groomed nails not only adds sophistication, it serves as a versatile and important accessory. You can be in any outfit and still pull it together with statement nails.


So we’ve covered make up, clothing, nails. What’s left now is your hair. Like your nails, hair when well groomed compliments your looks and clothes greatly. Fall hair is always about darker more subtle colors, soft waves or slick pony tails. Add in some of your favorite summer elements such as beach waves , lighter highlights, braids, tousled strands into your pony tails to loosen up the more somber mood of Autumn. Another great Summer look to bring into Fall would be short hair cuts. These can be the cute effervescent bob, pixie hair cut or the simple shoulder length hair cut. Dress it up further by adding waves and textures into your short hair dos which will definitely give more edge and personality.


Do you realize how sniffing certain scents will bring back certain memories? Coconuts, zesty citruses. Why not use some of these scents during Fall? One way to do it is to spritz some perfume on your hair brush, and run it through hair while it’s still damp. That way, the scent lingers in your hair. A great way to remember the fond memories of Summer.

Whether it’s clothing or hairstyle, one does not always have to spend a bomb each season to look your best. With some practice, clever accessorizing, and tonnes of confidence, you can wear anything you want any season and look fabulous.