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Appealing Balding Hair Styles for Men

Many men of today are worrying about getting bald.  To get bald especially when you grow older can be deemed as normal but there are definitely hairstyles that can help you compensate over this issue. You need not spend on useless hair products just to patch things up for all you need is to try out a few hairstyles perfect for those suffering from baldness.  Here are some balding hair styles that you can go for: Continue reading

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Keratin Treatment for Dry, Lifeless Hair

Numerous hair treatment solutions are available in the market.  Hence, they are offered professionally in salons. Some treatments are a do-it-your-self answer to your dry hair problem. Interestingly, gaining popularity today is the Keratin Hair Treatment for Dry Hair.  This article will give much information regarding Keratin Hair Treatment.   It will also discuss some methods of treatment, maintaining Keratin Treated Hair and Side Effects of Keratin Hair treatment. Continue reading


Chic Hair Styling Aids

Previously, findіng а styling gеl for boys or mеns’ hаirѕtyleѕ can be daunting – often rеѕоrting tо hаіr рrоducts specially fоrmulated for wоmеn. But nowadays, there are many selections to choose from aside from basic shampoos and conditioners. The availability of hair wax, pomade, mousse, hair spray and hair gels made so much advantages that keep the locks “on hold”.  This article will discuss some of these features as well as the vital components of hairstyling gels. Keep reading… Continue reading

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Alarming Hair Loss for Men and Women

Normally, baldness or hair loss is alarming. Thus,  thеrе are vаrіety of causes for this condition as well аѕ trеatments. On the other hand, sоme оf the causes for baldness can be gеndеr ѕресіfic.  Otherwise, it cоuld bе noted thаt ѕоme hair loss or baldness maу оссur јust by vіrtuе of the аgіng prоceѕs.  This article will inform you about the causes and treatments for baldness in men and women Continue reading


Healthy Hair from a Healthy Scalp

Our scalp can be our hair’s main powerhouse.  Thus, if the scalp is irritated,  it is just normal that we will see the manifestation through our hair.  We are often guilty of isolating the blame to our hair –not knowing that most of our hair problems begin with our scalp.  Skin infections specially in the scalp area will first manifest through itching followed by falling hair. Continue reading


Natural Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Getting an inspiration from celebrities with enticing hair can be your reason to buying wigs.  On the other hand, you may be experiencing hair thinning and so purchasing wigs made of natural hair or synthetic hair is no longer an option but a must.  This article will help you decide which wig is best for you as it will give information regarding wigs.  This features synthetic hair vs. human hair, density, styles, hand made method, machine method, hair knotting technique, bleaching and advantages of purchasing wigs. Continue reading

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Side-by-Side Hair Problems

Our crowning glory defines our face, our mood as well as our personality. For this reason, we are very mindful in taking good care of it. Indeed, our hair can boost our confidence, therefore if we have beautiful hair  (aside from good personal hygiene), we’ll be able to present ourselves neatly and nicely. What’s more, it builds our identity. Thus, we are described and identified through our hairstyle, hair color, hair length, hair smell or hair texture.  Some might say, “Yes, I know him, he’s the cute guy living next to our house with long, blonde, curly hair”. Continue reading


Enjoying Your Curly Sexy Hair

It seems boring to see if everybody has only one hair texture just like if all creatures have only one skin tone.Interestingly, some have curly hair, others have straight hair. Thus, one of the world’s most famous hairstylists is Andre Walker.   He then invented classifications for hair types especially for people with natural, curly hair according to their texture.  This is a good indication that the moment you understand your natural hair texture, you will be more creative, resourceful and cautious in taking care of your hair.  Eventually, you will be doing various styling techniques and getting the best hair products to achieve healthy hair. Continue reading


5 Vital Hair Coloring Tips

Whether you are blonde, redhead or a brunette, a change in hair color can definitely give you an instant make over.  A few streaks or an overall coloring can set you back ten to fifteen younger as your old, as you  tired, boring hair is replaced by a shinier and sleeker do.

Continue reading


How will Diabetes affect One’s Appearance?

When we say physical appearance, it does not only talk about our face, skin, nails or hair. It is what others see in us. Of course, we want to be well from the top of our head to the soles of our feet. But sad to say, there are inevitable diseases that might affect not just our health but our appearance as well. One of the most common illnesses is Diabetes. In this article, we will discuss the following: What is Diabetes? What are the complications of Diabetes? What are Diabetic Symptoms? How will Diabetes affect one’s appearance and how to manage it? Continue reading