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Energizing Foot Soak Recipes

Taking care of our body has always been a top priority for many. However, with the busy schedule we tend to delay pampering ourselves and getting that much needed relaxation and rejuvenation. One of the most deprived pampering in our body is our feet, but ironically these are the most abused. Our feet carry our weight when we walk, Continue reading

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How to Deal with Hangnails

You must have experienced them already or are currently having them but you are not yet aware that what you have on your nails are hangnails! There are actually different types of nail problems but hangnails seem to be one of the most common ones. If you see loose skin hanging on the sides of your nails then this is a condition called hangnails.  The loose skin on the affected fingers can be excruciatingly painful especially when removal is done in the wrong way. If hangnails are not treated early, they can end up infected over time. Continue reading

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Beauty Dilemma during Winter Holidays

Christmas season, as we all know, is the most awaited holiday of all. Family gatherings and friendly reunions are done in various parts of the world to celebrate this particular holiday. But then again, there are several downsides during Christmas season, the hype, the panic and the number one adversary of all, the weather. Winter’s harsh winds are known to cause dry skin, chapped lips, and many others which women find infuriating. Knowing the right precautions on how to deal with these beauty problems would be of great help for women to enjoy the holidays. Continue reading


A Handful Advice For Your Hands and Nails

They say that one can judge you by just looking at your hands. Likewise, it can tell how you take care of yourself. And did you know that the first telltale signs of aging occur in your hands? Another fact that not everyone knows yet is that our nails also reflect the status of our health. Nail breakage, discoloration or splitting can be mainly associated with health problems. It really pays a lot that we shower our hands with “Tender Loving Care”. Below are some tips on how to keep our hands beautiful and healthy. Some tips are so easy and you don’t need to go to a nail salon since they can easily be done at home at your own convenient time. Continue reading

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BeautyTips Alphabet: from N to Z

If you enjoyed the first part of our beauty tips alphabet, here is the second part of A to Z Beauty and Health Tips such as Nail Sculptures, Olive Oil, Potatoes, Quartz, Relaxation, Salad, Toothpaste, Umbrella, Victoria Secret Lingerie, Weight Loss Program, eXercise, Yogurt and Zest for Life. If you want to stay beautiful, why not try the following tips, keep reading…   Continue reading

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Beauty Tips Alphabet: From A to M

Do you want to enjoy beauty beyond compare? This may be impossible to reach, but with these beauty tips alphabet, you will surely enjoy a youthful, glowing skin. Here is the first part of our A to Z Beauty and Health Tips such as Avocado Skin Mask, Beauty Sleep, Carrots, Dancing, Eyelash Extensions, Feminine Wash, Grooming, Hair Colour Ice, Jojoba Oil, Kale, Lip gloss and Massage.  Keep reading… Continue reading


Essential Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Don’t you just hate it when you just had a manicure and suddenly your fingernail breaks? Fingernails and toenails are a reflection of a woman’s all-around well being – along with that radiant, glowing skin. But amidst all this, we neglect this very small but significant part of our body. Having those perfect nails give women that confidence. That is why you see nail salons popping up like mushrooms in every block.  This article will discuss some nail care tips and tricks to  grow and maintain stunning nails. Continue reading

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Nail Art Ideas for Your Beautiful Hands

Nail art is a great way to express yourself and beautifully adds  color into your hands. With the steep prices that professionals charge, not everyone can get nail art done. Kits may be available in the market, but they may also be quite pricey. The good news is that you don’t need professional services or kits to get great looking nails. Here are some nail art ideas that you can do in your own home with things that you have around.  Continue reading

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Beautifying Your Nails with the Best Manicure Set

Whether or not you’re familiar with traversing to a spa to get your manicure done, you’ll need a set of personalized manicure instruments in your own home. When shopping for a manicure set, you’ll literally get numerous options from stores.  Here are helpful suggestions that will actually guide you with the countless products that would limit your choice to that best manicure set that’s just made for you. Continue reading


6 Basic Foot Care Products You Should Have

Our feet carry our body’s entire weight and facilitate our mobility and we usually pamper it by getting a foot spa or massage once or twice a month. However there are a lot of foot care products that should be part of your daily ritual and below are just some of them:

Continue reading