Cleansing Diet Initiatives

Cleansing is a dietary technique that has been formulated for supermodels requiring high and conscious social lifestyles.  Along with the usual exposure to drinking, gourmet eating and all the good things of the high fashion life, detoxifying is the only alternative to keep the body compete with these harmful toxins. Apparently, the only defense that these models put into constant check is their weight. Hence, to keep up with the life in the fashion world and keep conquering the runway, a highly functional diet is prescribed to keep them in tip top shape and maintain their youthful glow.

Likewise, cleansing diet is not just meant for models. This is observed by ordinary individuals who want to shed those extra pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle as well.

There are numerous versions of cleansing diet offered nowadays.  The general intention of such cleanse is to eliminate the toxins; whether or not they are from environmental factors, poor dietary options, over indulgence to food, alcohol or cigarettes.  Likewise, there are a couple of things that may contribute to an unhealthy way of life since toxins abound.   Thus, individuals who went through a full cleansing plan reported feeling lighter in weight with a renewed feeling of energy, as well as being less bloated.  If done properly, a cleansing diet may even help jumpstart a much better dietary plan and lose few pounds.

Read some renowned cleansing plans below:

Colon Cleanse Diet

The colon cleanse is purposely done by constipated individuals, essentially those who don’t regularly release faecal matter in a daily basis. Imagine up to 20 lbs. of faeces stuck in your colon. Significantly, this waste may bring harmful toxins that will otherwise flow directly to the bloodstream.

The Liver and Kidney cleanse

This cleansing program provides great care and attention to the restoration of health from food additives and alcoholic preservatives, inhalation of polluted air, smoking and all other forms of social intoxication habits. After a few days of indulging in a cleansing diet, you will eventually notice that your nails become more shiny, your body odor excretions become lessened, your cellulite accumulation goes down to the minimum, your skin is glowing and shining all over, your eyes more radiant and your  hair no longer prone to breakage.

Master’s Cleanse or Lemonade Diet

This is the top pick in terms of the most popular detoxifying diet. This plan is founded on a simple maple syrup or lemonade concoction as a daily source of high nutrient fiber.

The 28 Day Raw Detox

This is an all-inclusive meal plan that is based on raw vegetables served with different nutritional supplements. This meal plan is ideal if you are looking for a diet to start that enables you to shift from unhealthy to healthy.

The Raw Food Diet

This is a dietary plan promoting the consumption of raw and unadulterated food. Hence, this is advisable if you have no stomach issues on raw diets.

Beauty Detox Solution

This special diet will keep you glowing, younger looking, and vibrant. This is an alternative approach catering those looking for a long term dietary regimen thus maintaining good health and simple lifestyle.

Easy Body Cleansing Diet

This is a set of diets targeting specific organs to cleanse as a method of maintaining health while suffering from a debilitating disease.

21 day Cleanse Diet

This detox diet plan works for an ultra-modern and busy professional for 3 weeks.

The Clean Green and Lean Meal plan

This covers four extensive weeks of vegetarian diet and green consumption.  This is ideal if you intend to lose weight at a rapid rate without sacrificing the nutrients needed by the body. Furthermore, it is a simple shift but may take time and effort to continue.

The Ultimate Reverse Diet

The Ultimate reverse diet solution is for every person having a difficult time achieving a faster and higher metabolic rate. This dietary plan teaches the method of intermittent fasting and how it can refuel metabolism and change your lifestyle.

The 7-day Diet Cleanse

This is a complete cleansing program that will help you save from side effects because this method uses natural laxatives and flax seed oil, psyllium and fennel seed, among others.


By looking at the above-mentioned list, all you need to do is find the one that addresses your concerns and the one that you would enjoy as well.