Dealing with Acne Anxiety

Acne became one of the leading contributors of teen anxiety as well for adults. Let us all admit that acne is unpleasant and we want to do everything to totally discard it from the list of our vanity worries.  However, we also need to understand that it is a medical condition that is not contagious. Thus, due to our apprehension, we are too quick to run to the nearest pharmacy to buy ointment or oral acne medication.  This article will give you information what triggers acne, some suggested home remedies for acne and facts about oral acne medication.

What triggers acne formation?

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  • natural facial oil (sebum)
  • dirt such as dust, or air pollutants
  • change of temperature

Most people believed that washing the face with soap and water will take acne away.  Though it is true that acne begins on the surface of our face, however, acne works all the way down. This is the powerhouse of blackheads and whiteheads as they wait patiently to destroy our skin layer at a time, until they go to the surface of our face.  Other than the mentioned factors, everything else happens inside our body as a physiological effect such as:

  • ingested food (chemicals produced for digestion of nutrients extracted from the food which turn out to be irritants)
  • stress related issues (psychological imbalance such as emotional or physical)
  • liver problems (hyperactive liver or metastases)
  • hormonal imbalance
  • physical adolescent changes
  • toxins

Simple Acne Remedies

Facial Masks

Most of us would rather go for natural home remedies just to be on the safe side. True enough, these types of organic remedies are considered to be must-haves when searching for acne solutions. Who is not familiar with facial masks?  This is probably one of the first remedies people would try if they see that red spot growing like little Mars on their face. Indeed, there are many facial masks being sold in the market nowadays.

Warm milk and fresh oatmeal

You may also want to try putting the world’s favorite breakfast on your face. Yes,   oatmeal has noted so many benefits for humans for centuries and it is known for cleansing our body specifically the digestive system from all the fats we ingest everyday.  Warm milk and fresh oatmeal do the trick as the paste will act like excess oil absorber. Thus, a simple mixture of water and oatmeal will produce an all natural facial scrub.

Honey and lemon juice

They are proven to absorb blackheads as they can dry pimples quickly.

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Oral Acne Medication Functions

 There are several procedures that are proven to eliminate or at least minimize the effects of acne. However, most of the time these procedures are no longer needed, thanks to the effectiveness of modern oral acne medications which are classified under   antibiotics.

Keep in mind though that oral acne medications are formulated to neutralize the abnormalities in specific or localized skin region, hence, their compositions are also specific to the root causes of acne. The immediate effect of these antibiotics is to minimize the inflammation, followed by resolving certain infection that is causing skin eruption or cell breakage – knowing that acne can be caused by several bacterial or fungal infections.

Common Oral Acne Medication

Similar to topical antibiotics, oral acne antibiotics function by the reduction of Propionibacteria acne which can be the main cause of acne breakouts.Additionally, they assist to minimize swelling of the skin. Affectedindividuals are often started on a higher dose and then prescribed with lower levels of dosage as the acne improves. Antibiotics taken orally are employed to deal with moderate to severe acne problem, or consistent acne formation. Nevertheless, the most common oral acne medications in the market today are the following:


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Immediately decreases the inflammation directly to the infected area as it reduces the pustules and papules as well.    Dosage would start from 500 to 1000 milligrams which are then reduced gradually as acne begins to subside.


It is a derivative of tetracycline and has the same effect, just that this is usually administered to mild and moderate acne cases.  This type of oral medication nevertheless causes sunlight sensitivity to some.

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 It is a derivative of tetracycline as well.  This is usually given to those acne patients whose conditions are not responding to any other oral or topical medication.  This is usually introduced as for long term medication due to its minimal dosage requirements such as for suppressing acne eruption or counteracting the effects.


 It is regarded as the common oral acne medication which usually gives immediate effect.  The downside of its effectiveness though manifests through gastrointestinal irritations.


Those who are pregnant and lactating mothers should not take oral acne medications.  Moreover, prior to taking any medicine orally, consult your physician to avoid any untoward health risks.