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Discover the Best Haircuts for Women with Thinning Hair

While not all haircuts are meant for you, you can now discover the best haircuts for women with thinning hair . Most popular haircut trends are meant for women with thick, straight and long hair. But there are some classic haircuts and hairstyles that can be done to women with thinning hair that also complement  the shape of their face. Remember that not only are you looking for a haircut best for your thin hair, but it should enhance your best facial features too.

To start with, let’s differentiate between fine and thin hair. Fine hair refers to the individual strands of hair. This means that the strand is not thick or the circumference of the hair is small. Thin hair means the collective hair growth on your head is thinning or there are less hair strands in certain areas.

Tips for Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thin Hair

When hair is thin, the best solution is to find a haircut that creates volume – for certain areas to look fuller and thicker. Here are some tips depending on the problem areas of your hair.

Thin  hair at the top – Have an attractive Bangs

When you have thin hair at the top, you should think about getting bangs. This can help hide or conceal the problem area. Try asking the hairstylist to cut further back on your forehead if even your bangs are thinning. Texturing the bangs a little bit will make it appear even thicker. When the thinning hair at the top goes further back on top of your head, it will be easier to conceal it with layers and combing it to the side.

Thin hair at the crown –Do a Ponytail

If your crown area has thinning hair, allow the hair that surrounds it to grow longer. You might also want to have a hairstyle that conceals it like brushing your hair back or pulling all your hair into a ponytail.

Thin hair at the sides – Get a Shorter Hair

For thinning hair at the sides, make sure your haircut is shorter around the face. Go for hairstyles that are brushed back or frame your face by combing your hair down.

Thin hair all over –One length haircut above the chin

If you have thinning hair all over, get a haircut that gives volume all around such as the one length bob. The length should not go farther below than chin so as not to make your hair appear thinner. Although long layers might also be an option.

Best Haircuts for Women with Thinning Hair

Short Haircuts

Not only are short haircuts low maintenance hairstyles, but they are also flattering to a thin hair. Short hair can be combined with other styles like short bob, or short layered, and they will still be great for to help conceal thinning hair. You can add the full bangs or side-swept bangs to give more personality to your short hairdo.

Classic Bob

The classic bob is great for thin hair. Whether it is a short bob, chin-length bob or layered bob, this classic haircut never runs out of style. It is a foolproof haircut for thin hair all around or for those who have thinning crown. Like the short haircut, it has low maintenance and can still look great even after a few months after your first visit to the salon. Blow-dry it by fluffing it to add even more volume at the sides. This hairstyle is so versatile and timeless, you can be sure it will still look trendy even after years of the same haircut.


When you have thin hair, consider having curls. It’s a very obvious solution to your thinning hair problem. Add volume, style and personality to your hair with just one visit. Go for soft curls or slight wave to make your thin hair appear fuller. If you have a round shape face, just the soft waves will do and go for long layered curls instead of the bob with curls. This will complement your round face and will help conceal your thin hair.

Long Layers

Long layers are a little bit tricky for women with thin hair. For one, if you don’t have the necessary volume at the sides, your hair will appear even flatter and thinner than usual. If your problem area is the crown or the top, then this can be an option since the layers will help add volume to the back and top of your head and will make your face appear thinner and more oval-shaped. Pair this with the side-swept bangs or with framing hair on your face for an added appeal.

Now that you’ve alreadydiscovered the best haircuts for your thinning hair, share them also to some of your colleages so that they may also benefit from having attractive and improved hair.