DIY Lip Balm Recipes

Are you experiencing dry, chapped lips? This is the result of the lack of moisture in your lips. The lips are vulnerable to moisture loss because the skin is very thin and it does not contain oil glands that can keep it moisturized all day long. Dry and chapped lips are not only painful but it is also aesthetically displeasing. Consequently, the lips will no longer appear kissable.

Causes of Dry , Chapped Lips

There are different factors why a person get dry and chapped lips. Most of the time, it is caused by weather. Extreme heat, cold temperatures and harsh wind can become one of the most common causes of dry and chapped lips. One common mistake that many men and women do to relieve dry and chapped lips is by licking their lips. This actually worsen the condition of your lips instead of providing relief to it. Constantly biting your lips can also lead to chapped lips.

What are Lip Balms?

Lip balms are a type of cosmetics that is often used by almost all the women and sometimes men all over the globe. This is not just a make-up that can enhance one’s beauty but this also provides relief against dry and chapped lips. Aside from dry and chapped lips, lip balms can also provide relief or prevent other lips conditions such as cold sores, stomatitis and angular cheilitis.

Applying lip balms are very easy; you can even do it without looking at a mirror. Lip balms are found in tubes or tubs. You can apply one by smudging the lip balm onto your lips or if you are using the lipstick type of balm, just apply it like how you normally apply lipstick on your lips.

Most of the ingredients found in a lip balm are aimed at keeping the lips moisturized, however most of the cosmetics company added more benefits such as sunscreen protection, flavors and coloring. The health conscious buying customers had pushed the companies to manufacture healthier and natural lip balms in the market. There are several cosmetics companies that are geared into promoting the use of natural ingredients in their lip balms. However, most of these lip balms are expensive and hard on the pocket. This made other women and men settle for less, lip balms that contains synthetic ingredients.

There is another way to get a piece of the naturally made lip balm and this is through creating your own concoction at home. Searching for a homemade lip balm online will provide a list of the different recipes that only uses natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients are easy to find and purchase in health stores.

Simple Lip Balm

This is the most basic lip balm recipe that you can make. You will only need 4 ingredients and the process in making this lip balm is very easy too.

What you need:

Beeswax              1 teaspoon

Coconut Oil         2 teaspoons

Vitamin E             1 capsule

Flavor oil              2-3 drops

What to do:

Combine all the ingredients except the flavor oil and melt them. Once melted add drops of the flavor oil. Let it cool and transfer the mixture in a tub or tube.

The flavor oil can make this lip balm a delicious treat for your lips. You can create several batches of this homemade lip balm recipe and add different flavors. This is even a good gift for a friend.

Yummy Vanilla Lip Balm

This recipe will remind you of vanilla treats such as ice cream. This is very easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find too.

What you need:

Beeswax              1 tablespoon, grated

Coconut oil         ½ tablespoon

Vitamin E             1 capsule

Vanilla extract   1/8 teaspoon

What to do:

Combine all the ingredients except for the vanilla extract and melt them in a microwave. Once the ingredients are melted, you can now add in the vanilla extract to give the lip balm a vanilla flavor. Allow the mixture to completely cool before you transfer it into a tube or tub.

There is another version of this yummy treat and this is by adding coloring to the lip balm. What you will need is an oil soluble color for lip balms or shaved lipstick of your chosen shade. You can add the coloring after adding the vanilla extract to this mixture. This makes a tinted lip balm that is made at home.

Making your own homemade lip balm is a fun activity. The lip balms are very easy to do and this will even allow you to experiment on different ingredients and flavors. Homemade lip balms can even be a good gift idea or business.