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Do you have a bad hair day?

Your hair may give a positive or a negative impression from people around you especially if you have a new haircut or your locks become curly,  straightened or colored.  However, due to frequent styling, your hair gets dry and will eventually lose its shine and glamour.    As part of your beauty routine, you would do anything to search for the best product to restore your priceless crowning glory. This article will give you a DIY treatment for dry hair and will also share some information that might be the reasons why your hair gets dry.

What causes dry hair?

Environmental Factors

The weather you reside in can contribute to the dryness of your hair.  In case you love outdoors and enjoy spending hanging out in the sun, like in the ocean or swimming pool, your hair will likewise experience dryness. To deal with this, you may opt wearing a swimming cap when exposed to water with chlorine.

 Too much Blow-Drying 

Washing your hair too frequently particularly with shampoo with so many chemicals will definitely remove moisture from your hair.  Heat coming from curling irons, straightening irons, electric curlers, blow dryers will likely bring dryness to your locks.


Those who suffer from anorexia tend to be denied of the nutrients needed by their bodies and their hair as well. As a result, their locks are dried out in addition to hair thinning and several side effects.

Poor nutrition

Muck like anorexia, someone that is malnourished is not capable of eating the needed nutrients to keep up healthy hair.  Consequently, the hair turns to be dried out and easily damaged.

Frequent Use of Strong Shampoo

Although shampooing daily is done many people, it is said that severe washing does not only washes away dirt but also wipes out hair’s defensive natural oils.


Thyroid problem: Hypothyroidism

This health issue is a dilemma because the body delivers inadequate thyroid hormone.  One of the most early symptoms of hypothyroidism is having a brittle and dry hair.


DIY Hair Treatment for Dry Hair


You have been exposed to many advertisements about several products that are said to be the best, telling that they will keep your hair healthy and strong. In fact, with so many options, you may find it hard to choose which among them is the best.  If you have a bad hair day, do something good for your hair.

Below is a list of natural products proven to give beneficial effects to your dry hair:

Mixture of Oil with honey

Blend together almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil with a bit of honey.

Egg Mixture

Crack the egg, and then separate the yolk from the white. Whip the white part thoroughly.   Put one tablespoon of water to the yolk.   Then, mix the white and yolk together.  Now, after getting your hair wet with warm water, apply the mixture onto your scalp by massaging it gently.  You can now rinse your hair with cold/ tap water.


Prepare ½ cup of mayonnaise and heat it up until it gets oily.  You can now apply it to your unwashed hair.  Cover your hair with a heating cap or a plastic, then leave for at least 20 minutes.  Shampoo your hair afterwards.

Ripened Banana and Avocado

Mash the banana (over-ripe if possible) along with almost rotten avocado. Leave the puree to your hair for about 15 minutes. Then, wash your hair and see the difference.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Used as natural conditioner if partly mixed with water.


When mashed,  turns to be one of the most effective conditioners that can be used for dry hair – having all its nutritious oil content.


When finely grated, carrots will absorb excessive oil produced from the skin down to the shaft.

Olive Oil

This can be used to treat dry hair, split ends, and dandruff.  After massaging the hair with the olive oil, it is advised to wrap the hair with warm towel to give it a hot oil effect.

Coconut Oil

This is effective to moisturize and treat dry hair as well.  Popular in the tropical and sub tropical regions of the world where coconut is abundant.


DIY hair treatment for dry hair would mean so many things as some would resort to home remedies, natural and organic products and the clinically tested products sold in the market.  There is nothing wrong in going back to basics but given that they are natural, consumers will still have to take a little precaution as using these too much may cause damage as well.