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Eyelash Boosters Your Guide to Eyelash Enhancement

Fluffy eyelashes, thick and luscious. Everyone wants them. Think about it. You almost NEVER see a flattering picture of an alpha female species without those shiny eyes framed by an overgrowth of lashes.  A beautiful woman without a pair of beautiful eyes just ain’t beautiful. It feels sort of incomplete. Like they say, it’s all in the eyes. And they most certainly do all of the talking. With a bat of an eyelid, lots of attitude, and eyelash boosters, I say, almost ANY lady can rule the world.

With so many eyelash related products out there, it’s not difficult to see why consumers are confused. Here’s a guide to unravel the mysteries to eyelash magic.


This is probably the most user friendly and most accessible eyelash booster there is out there. Widely available in grocery stores, drugstores everywhere, mascara is like a push up bra for your eyelashes in a tube. Every lady out there should have at least a tube in your make up stash. Types include lengthening, volumizing, curl defining, glitter-filled and mascaras for your lower lashes in thousands of colors. Lengthening mascaras usually have polymer fibres in them that increases the length of your eyelashes, very good for short stubbly oriental lashes. Volumizing mascaras are good for adding the bulk of pre-existing eyelashes, making them appear thicker than they really are, suitable for people with naturally long lashes, or eyelashes with a few coats of lengthening mascara prior. Curl defining mascaras are like gels for your eyelashes, they hold the shape of your eyelashes after being curled. Glitter filled and colored mascaras on the other hand gives a bling effect, suitable for parties and making you stand out from the crowd. Your lower lashes can benefit from mascaras made specifically for them, usually with an angulated wand, with a smaller head to allow for easier application.

A magic tip for mascara application would be to curl your lashes with an eyelash curler, first at the base of  the lashes, next in the middle part of your lashes and lastly at the tip of your lashes.  Lashes would look curled naturally. Apply mascara after that in zig zag motion from base to tip of the lashes. For pointy, clustered, doll-like lashes, apply mascara with the wand vertically, from base to tip instead of the usual horizontal zig zag motion. End by blasting your eyelash curler with hot air from a hair dryer for a few seconds, making sure it’s not too hot to the touch, and recurl your mascara-ed lashes.


Correctly termed False Eyelashes, they are a pair of furry caterpillars, made to enhance your natural eyelashes. It consists of  a flexible, curved plastic spine, and lashes made of plastic, nylon, real hair, feathers etc. Falsies are curved by holding the two opposite ends of the plastic spine, fitted, just above your own real lashes, and cut so they fit the curvatures your eyes just right. They are made to stay on your eyelids using a special Eyelash Glue. Eyelash glue usually are rubber based so they stretch comfortably on your skin. The glue dries on transparent or black, to match your eyeliner though the latter is a bit trickier to handle.

criss cross falsies

For natural looking lashes, choose falsies that aren’t too long or full, in a crisscross pattern.  Apply a thin layer of glue on the plastic spine on the area that will contact your eyelids. Only stick on the falsies when the glue is almost dry. Do this by placing a mirror near your chin so your eyes look downcast, making it easier for you to attach the falsies. Some find it easier to hold the falsies in place using tweezers. After contact with skin, apply very slight pressure on the falsies so it stays in place. Finish with some mascara to bind your natural lashes your falsies. To remove, soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and let it sit on your eyelids for 10 seconds. Peel off the falsies gently from one end to the other and remove excess glue from the plastic spine. Wash and dry the falsies. Remove eye makeup as usual. Take good care of your falsies and they’ll last you quite a few wears.

Eyelash Perms

Like the name suggests, perms make eyelash permanently curved, oppening up your eyes. Eyelashes are curled with an eyelash curler and a chemical agent added to it, just like how you would perm your hair. Always go to an experienced beautician for this procedure.


Eyelash extensions are all the rage now and is considered a semi permanant make up. Beauticians adhere tufts of nylon or real hair to your own lashes  using adhesives so they look fuller. Extensions last upto a month depending on how often your lashes are shed, and of course, how you take care of them. These require touch up sessions and are a costlier type of eyelash enhancement.  Avoid excessive force around your eye area, and it’s best to avoid make up, cotton pads and make up removers as these may get caught in between the lashes and decrease the efficiency of the adhesive.


Eyelash serums are often protein fortified liquids coated unto lashes to make them fuller. Think of conditioners for your eyelids. Some serums may contain hormones and steroids so only purchase from verified companies. For an economical alternative, try coating eyelashes with tiny amounts of vaseline just before you sleep.


The list of eyelash boosters are endless so it’s really choosing what’s best for your needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment so you’ll be able to find that ultimate eyelash booster that meets your criteria. And as with anything to be used around the delicate eye area, take note of allergies towards some chemicals used in various procedures. Have fun looking your best.