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Gorgeous Curly Hair Without Heat

What else could look more romantic, girly or perfect than curls? A lot of women spend hours each day just trying to get curls on their hair. This often means exposing hair to a lot of heat from curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers and flat irons. This entire thing can damage hair when used too much. The good news is that it is completely possible to get curls without using any heat on your hair. This article will show you some interesting options such as Sock Bun Curls,  Headband Curls,  Paper Bag/ Rag Curls.

Sock Bun Curls

Remember all those socks without any pairs that you find in the dryer? Instead of throwing them away or stashing them at the back of your drawer, use them to get perfect curls. Take a sock and cut of the end where the toes go. This will leave you with a fabric tube. Roll this down until you reach the other end. The end product should be a fabric ring.


Pull hair up into a pony tail and secure. Take the sock ring and start rolling the hair into it starting from the tips of the hair. Keep rolling the hair onto the sock until you reach the end of the ponytail. The hair should spread itself evenly on the sock. If not, go ahead and move the hair around a bit so there are no exposed portions on the sock. This should hold fairly well, although those with fine hair may want to secure it with a few pins. Wear this bun overnight or throughout the day. Take the bun down the next morning or at the end of the day to get bouncy curls.


Headband Curls

For those who prefer having less weight on top of their head, but still want no heat curls the headband is the way to go. For this method all you will need is a garter headband. Comb your hair thoroughly to smoothen it out and take out any tangles. Part hair and put the band on top of your hair. Take a portion of hair from the front and tuck it into the band. It should go around the band so that the hair ends up underneath the band again. Repeat this process until you reach the nape of the neck. Do the same thing with the other side. Take the remaining hair and tuck it around the band as well. There should be no strands remaining.  This can be slept in overnight and be untwisted in the morning. A hair net may also be worn over this while sleeping to keep it from getting messed up or frizzy.  If done with care it can also be worn throughout the day for an up do. To get larger bouncier curls use larger portions of hair. For smaller finer curls use smaller portion of hair and tuck it in tighter.


Paper Bag/ Rag Curls


Unlike the first two methods, this technique cannot be worn outside. However, it is still a good way to get nice curls without exposing your hair to heat. You will need brown paper bags or cotton fabric. Cut up the bags or fabric into strips approximately 2 inches thick and about 5 inches long. If using paper bags, be sure to cut off the bottom portions.


Start by combing through your hair to get rid of any tangles. Then section it out either in half or quarters. This will help make the process easier and help make sure you get to curl all your hair. Take some hair from one section and put the tips over the middle portion of the strip. Cross the left portion over the hair then cross the right portion over. Once the tipoff the strand is covered start twisting the hair on the strip. Be sure to twist slowly and guide the hair as you twist. Tie a know using both ends of the strip to secure. For best results don’t twist all the way to the top. You may want tote it off about an inch or two before you reach the scalp. Untie the next morning to get curls down.


Note: Whichever method is used, it is always better to start with damp hair. Curls will hold best if hair is about 80 to 90 percent dry. If your hair is too wet,  curls will not hold.  Thus,  a spray bottle with water can be used to get hair damp. Hair spray may also be used for those with fine hair.