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Hair Innovations to Enhance Your Look

For every woman, hair is her crowning glory; for man, a sign of youth and virility. Hair fashion is one of the fastest growing beauty industries. In most unavoidable circumstances when hair is lost, the most ingenious inventions unfolded: hair pieces as extensions, wigs, wiglets and toupees became a fashion trend.But more than this, hair extensions, wigs and wiglets are fashion trends as they give you the option for short, medium and long hair length; either curly or straight and in any style in a jiffy. You don’t have to fantasize that you are a Hollywood star with magnificent tresses; you can make your dreams a reality with these hair innovations.

Hair Extensions

This is a method of attaching commercial hair to real hair for the purpose of hiding thinning hair or baldness on a certain area. It gives the opportunity for women to create a hair style according to their own choice. Hair extensions are made from natural hair or synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair is less expensive than human hair and is available in a wide array of textures and colours. Packaged texture can be silky, straight, deep, loose or romantic wave, curly and kinky.

There are various ways to add extension to the head:  clip hair extensions are the easiest and safest way to add to the length, volume and colour of your hair; strand-by-strand is a trendy method but quite complicated; and using a tape or glue to attach skin weft to the hair. But it is best to have a professional hair dresser to do the job.


A head of hair is a wig which is made from human hair, horse hair, wool or other synthetic materials. Wigs have been used throughout the centuries not only for fashion but for cultural and religious observance. The most extraordinary kinds were worn in religious ceremonies and graced the courts of ancient royalties. Marie Antoinette and her courtiers wore the most extraordinary wigs. Today, celebrities like Dolly Parton, Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga. Tyra Bank and others made wigs their fashion statements.

For complete baldness or side effect of chemotherapy, wearing a wig is your last option. There are different kinds which depend on price and quality. The human hair wig is the most expensive but the most natural looking; the synthetic wig is inexpensive but does not look real; the mono-filament wig is moderately priced and is natural-looking and the classic type of wig doesn’t look so real but cheaper. Your hair professional will give you the best advice.


They are also called fillers wig and are like hair extensions for they give hair more volume and lovely thickness. This is the best solution for hair that is thinning and appears lifeless. Wiglets are affordable and easily attached to the real hair. This hairpiece conveniently covers a bald spot or thinning area of the head.

Different types of wiglets are similar to the wigs although they are less expensive and easily attached and removed.


Toupees are like wigs or wiglets as they hide baldness and receding hairlines of the men. Ancient Egyptian tombs revealed the existence of toupees during those periods. It is a fact that Julius Caesar wore a toupee to hide his receding hairline.  There are many types of toupees available to hide hair loss. The type depends upon your type of hair loss, its location and severity. You can choose human hair or synthetic hair.

Hollywood famous men, like Sean Connery, John Travolta, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra were among those who used toupees to maintain their masculinity and virility. Today, wearing of toupees have grown by leaps and bounds since men always want to create the illusion of youth.

The search for looking young is a never ending quest so any invention that gives this will always be a trend. Feel and look youthful by using hairpieces like extensions, wigs, wiglets and toupees! You deserve to enjoy a good hair day.