How to Repair damaged hair: Home Remedies

It is surprising how a mane of shiny locks can add to the charm of someone’s physical appearance. And it is equally as astonishing to see how easily a person subject themselves to deep self dejection by a mere few strands of split ends. Of course, everyone yearns for silky smooth, superstar worthy hair that would make Miranda Kerr weep. I mean who doesn’t? The desire to have healthy undamaged hair has been embedded into our heads and has even made it’s way to popular culture. Princesses/lead actresses/George Clooney have fabulous beautiful lush heads of hair while the evil witches/Bobo the Clown/Rumpelsiltskin etc. had sad, unruly, tangled tresses beyond any repair.  Unfortunately, in the quest of attaining unfathomable hair perfections, most of us have subjected our locks to the tortures of heated styling tools and then paralyzed them by dousing them with lethal chemicals. Our hair may retain the style that we want them frozen in, but in truth, they’re beyond damaged and lifeless.

Now, how do we revive and redeem the esteem of our damaged hair? Look no further than your very own kitchen cabinets! Affordable and safe, home remedies have long been tried and trusted to inject the much needed life into depressed, damaged hair.

Read on for a few popular and amazingly useful remedies for damaged hair.

  1. The Egg Wash


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    Eggs are great sources of protein. With just the right amount of fats, fat soluble vitamins and protein particles, it is not doubt a super food for you and your hair. Since hair consists mainly of Keratin, which is a type of protein, give your hair a protein boost by trying this out.

    How: Separate two eggs yolks. Beat them well and apply to wet, freshly washed hair, concentrating on the ends. Leave in for about 5 minutes, at the same time massaging the parts coated with yolk. Rinse off. Repeat as often as desired.

  2. The Mayonnaise Treatment


    Did you know, mayonnaise is actually a mixture of eggs, oil and vinegar? All these three ingredients work in different ways to make this treatment one of the most sought after hair remedies. Eggs provide vitamins and proteins while oil lubricates and softens the hair shaft and at the same time replenishing much needed oils in damaged hair. Vinegar purifies as well as softens hair for more manageability.

    How: Slather on a liberal amount of mayo unto dampened hair. Coat evenly and cover hair with a shower cap or foil and leave it in for around 10-20 minutes. Rinse off and shampoo, condition as usual. Amp up the treatment further by beating in an egg yolk prior to application.

  3. The Dairy Queen.


    Mention dairy and instant thoughts of strong healthy bones and teeth pop up! Dairy which includes milk, yoghurt, cream, butter milk, cheese and butter is actually a great source of nourishment for undoing all that damage subjected unto hair.

    How: In a bowl, add in two heaped tablespoons of milk powder and a tablespoon of honey. Mix well and dilute with enough water to form a thick paste. Coat the paste onto freshly washed hair and let it sit in for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off.  Be prepared to have hair fit for a queen.

    *alternatively, substitute the milk powder with yoghurt/buttermilk/heavy cream. Or, add a cup fresh milk (3 tablespoons of milk powder) into a warm bath and soak away.

  4. Oily Goodness

    olive oil

    Ever notice how the roots of our hair are much softer when it’s slightly oily ? Oil has softening properties on our hair. So do use this knowledge to your hair’s advantage and keep damaged hair at bay.

    How: Rub two teaspoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Camelia Oil/Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or the contents of a Vitamin E capsule in between your finger and palms. Once warmed, tousle clean dry hair with oil, concentrating on ends which are more prone to damage. Avoid application near roots for a less greasy look.

Dietwise, consume more good oils from fatty fish (salmon, cod) or pop evening primrose supplements with supervision by a doctor. It is essential to have a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits for minerals and vitamins required by hair as well taking in a good amounts of lean proteins (fish, chicken, lean beef, tofu, eggs, legumes) to produce healthier, less easily damaged hair. Additionally, take mineral supplements like zinc and iron to boost the health of your hair and nails, of course after consultations with your physician.


Give these few remedies a try today and witness the improvements.