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Impressive Eyes with Eyelash Extensions

If you notice someone having long and flipped-up eye lashes that appear so glamorous, darker, beautiful and natural. For sure that person has discovered the beauty of eyelash extensions.If your eye lashes are skimpy, sparse and scanty, it reduces the beauty of the eyes in particular and the face in general. Well, gone are the days when your only remedy was to apply an eye mascara to thicken and lengthen your eyelashes. Today, you have eyelash extensions which are like hair extensions.

There is a wide array of eyelash extensions in various length, color and thickness. And it can be worn while taking a shower, swimming and while sleeping. One extension is applied to one eyelash so the procedure is a tedious and long process. It will take around one to two hours to apply a full set of extension, roughly 30 to 80 lashes per eye. If applied properly, the extension is intended to bond with the natural eyelash.

Eyelash extension in its fullness will last from two weeks to two months, based on the cycle of hair growth on your lashes. The most common color is black but brown, red, green and even purple color is available. Mink lashes are natural hair but animal hair is unethical to use for the purpose so only synthetic lashes are the most available. Do you know that it was the Japanese who introduced this eye innovation?
Fashion models and celebrities all over the world are using eyelash extensions. to enhance their look by giving them skyward lashes, dark and visible lashes. Nowadays, many beauty salons are offering both eyelash extensions and eyebrow extensions.

If you want to enhance your natural gorgeous look, you may use eyelash extension. If you prefer to wear a very light make up to appear a natural-looking, you may use this beauty procedure. Eyelash extension is mostly used by people who prefer to go outside without eye make-ups. Just imagine the dazzling look of having curly eye lashes that exudes brighter, and darker eyes without using an eyelash curler.

Eyelash extensions are different from false eyelashes and false eyelash strips. Individual eyelash extensions are natural-looking, last longer but are more expensive.

Considerations and Procedure:

  • Your hair grows, including the eyelashes, and falls out naturally thus shedding the extension with it. Only licensed estheticians, cosmetologists or registered nurses are the safest providers to apply eyelash extensions to clients. The U.S. Board of Cosmetology has certain requirements. Cost varies depending upon the location of the beauty salon and the services offered.
  • The technique of applying extensions depends upon the method of the technician. It involves attaching a synthetic, silk, mink or even human eyelash extension to an individual’s eyelash. Selecting the natural eyelash to which the extension is to be attached is a difficult task. It involves careful separation of each eyelash using fine point tweezers to find a healthy-looking eyelash.
  • The eyelash extension is dipped into a medical grade adhesive and attached to the natural eyelash. The process is repeated for each one until all are covered. The duration of the eyelash will be around three weeks at which time, there will be a re-lash or touch up to be done. The bonding agent is just as important as the lash procedure itself.
  • Eye extensions are safe if done by properly trained and certified professionals and with sterilized instruments. Well-done eye lash extensions look great but they do not last for long, you have to retouched them.

For women who wanted to have  glamorous and upturned eye lashes to exude impressive eyes, you can try the eyelash extensions. But before you to your nearest salon, make sure that someone who is professional on cosmetic technology will be handling the procedure.