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Keratin Treatment for Dry, Lifeless Hair

Numerous hair treatment solutions are available in the market.  Hence, they are offered professionally in salons. Some treatments are a do-it-your-self answer to your dry hair problem. Interestingly, gaining popularity today is the Keratin Hair Treatment for Dry Hair.  This article will give much information regarding Keratin Hair Treatment.   It will also discuss some methods of treatment, maintaining Keratin Treated Hair and Side Effects of Keratin Hair treatment.

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Hair styling has been one of the major causes of dry and damaged hair. The frequent use of hair blowers and hair irons give only a transient glow in your hair and it will eventually be back to normal after washing. What seems to be not so obvious in the beginning is the slow damage of hair. People will only get notice of it once the hair is already dry and unmanageable. Having dry hair is not even a passport to an easy styling compared to frizzy hair. Later on, the dryness caneven cause more damage and you will only get more frustrated every single day. To free yourself from worries of displaying those unlovable strands, you search for an effective way to treat dry hair.

A View on Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin is a natural substance. It is the protein normally found in our hair, nails, skin and teeth. The hair’s natural luster and strength is brought about by the healthy amount of keratin found in each hair strand. When the hair gets dry and damaged, the sufficient amount of keratin substance have been taken away making the hair look dull. To bring the normal shine of the hair, a keratin hair treatment is supposed to be applied. Thus, this treatment makes the hair strands thicker and stronger. The keratin bonds are also trapped inside the strands as the treatment protects the outer layer of the hair. Once the protein is trapped within the hair, the natural luster will come out as the hair oil does its task of giving the hair a silky straight, smooth and shiny look. Apparently, the keratin hair treatment locks the hair cuticle with essential substances that make it stronger, manageable and tangle free.


Methods of Treatment


Any kind of hair treatment is best done with the help of a professional. It should be practiced in a salon where the right treatment equipment could be available. Before proceeding with the method, the hair professional should be giving the correct information to the customer with regards to the treatment process, side-effects and length of effectiveness. After they discuss all these and the customer agrees, they can now proceed in applying the treatment.

The keratin mixture is applied to the hair while it is still wet. So after washing and styling it as per customer’s wish, the hair is immediately treated with keratin. To trap themoisture within the hair strands, the hair is being ironed and right after that, you will immediately notice the luster of the hair. It will look straightly stiff at first but after a few washes, the hair will be bouncing straight naturally. You should not be washing your hair for 72 hours straight to completely lock the keratin substance inside the strands. For the next three days, you should wear your hair loosely. No ponytails, headbands or any hairaaccessory.


Maintaining Keratin Treated Hair


In maintaining a keratin treated hair, specific hair shampoo and keratin rich conditioner should also be used. These things should have been available in the salon where you got your treatment or the hair expert can recommend some products available in the market.


Side Effects of Keratin Hair Treatment


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Keratin hair treatment usually lasts for 5-6 months only. After that, another treatment may be applied again. The customer should also be known of the side effects of the treatment. It is sure that the hair will be straight and smooth right after the treatment itself but after a few months, there might be changes as to the hair color.

The keratin treatment formula is also containing formaldehyde. It is a harmful chemical that is known to be one of the causes of cancer. Some keratin formula claim to be free of the harmful ingredient but they are known to be not as effective as the one containing it. Thus, the formaldehyde lengthens the effectiveness of the hair treatment thus making it more costly too. The treatment is within the range of $300-$500 dollars and can only be efficient for up to 6 months only.