Men’s Facial Regimen

There are actually studies expressed by  sociologists that a full grown man has more vanity tendencies over a woman. Whether you believe this or not, it is a widespread reality that men who take care of their appearance and health are enticing and appealing.   Remarkably, even the business sector suddenly made  a quick  trending shift that when it comes to personal care products such as facial wash, the market is not just set for women. This article will help you enjoy your search for the best face cleansers for men according to your skin type.

Although there are some guys out there who would prefer to use the usual female personal care products, but the female physiology is different from male.  Female personal products are said to be milder as female’s body chemistry simply cannot accept or accommodate too many chemicals compared to men, specifically talking about the skin which is mostly the major concern of many individuals male or female.

Among the choices for good facial cleansers for men, studies show that men shoppers are more likely to trust the packaging and advertisements compared to women shoppers who would not just listen and watch the advertisements but also more than willing to gather information from all possible sources such as product reviews from the Internet aside from friend’s testimony and recommendation about the product.

•           Men tend to have higher possibilities of having oily skin

•           Men have larger skin pores

•           Men are prone to facial cuts and wounds due to shaving

Analyzing Your Skin Type

Prior to buying the suitable face wash for your everyday use, you ought to ascertain your skin in order to complement the most effective face wash.

 Types of Skin

 Dry Skin

– Skin is rough to touch and irritated easily.

– It has a tendency to chap and flake.

– It seems  tight and thin.

– Skin pores are tiny.


Normal Skin

– Pores and skin  are not very oily or too dry as well.

– It is generally devoid of imperfections.

– It feels smooth to touch.

– Skin pores are generally tiny and clean.

Oily Skin

– Skin seems greasy and appears shiny particularly within the T-zone are such as the nose, forehead and chin

– It is vulnerable to acne, clackheads, blemishes or spots

– it is dense and dull, and usually not affectd by weather and harsh chemicals

– Pores of the skin are congested and large


Combination Skin

– Skin seems  tight and rough on the eye area and cheeks, but  shiny and greasy on the T-zone area.

– It is also prone to  acne, spots, blackheads and blemishes from the T-zone.

– It is really a mix of oily and dry skin.

– Pores are big within the T-zone area only.


Sensitive Skin

– Skin seems itchy, tight and dry.

– It  is blotchy and red whenever irritated.

-Skin burns quickly whenever exposed to sun rays.

– Skin responds terribly to  chemicals and weather.

– Pores of the skin are generally small.

Tips for Men’s Facial Regimen


Dry skin

Dry skin can appear too tight and likewise itching. As a way to overcome it, maintain your face moisturized whenever possible. Don’t require much time on  hot showers; go for speedy lukewarm bath instead. Given the fact that hot water evaporates moisture through the surface of your skin. Clean with mild Face Wash that won’t dry up your facial area. Then set on a moisturizer in just 5 minutes to ensure hydration.


Dark-eye Circles

Typically due to insufficient sleep, in addition to aging, having  dark under-eye circles certainly are a problem many guys have to cope with. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep.  Therefore, maintain the under-eye area hydrated with antioxidant-rich items. For quick solutions, consider setting a raw potato or cucumber slices or possibly a cold eye mask through your eyes for approximately 10 minutes to lessen puffiness.


Oily skin

Having oily skin seems to be gross as well as clogs pores, which often may lead to skin breakouts. Combat it by continuing to keep pores and skin clean by  washing your face gently  each morning and also at night by using a daily liquid face cleanser. Be careful about your exposure to the sun simply because this might trigger additional oil production.  Moreover,  watch your daily intake of fats and oil on your diet. If you need to make use of a moisturizer, seek out ones that are certainly not oil-based.


Regardless of whether it’s a pimple or perhaps a full-on breakout, it is not necessary to feel the unpleasant outcomes of acne. Although recurrent and heavy breakouts need a dermatologist’s attention, a fairly easy cleansing routine can perform wonders on your face. Utilize a gentle cleanser, (make sure it’s not soap), to completely clean pores, then follow it up by using a light moisturizer to help hydrate your face. Frequent usage of an exfoliant might also clear away dead cells. Make sure to work with a SPF 30 sunblock or more to avoid darkening of  blemishes. Ensure to never pop your pimples to avoid scarring.

When you are facing these issues regularly, your  best option is to seek advice from a dermatologist.