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Nail Art Ideas for Your Beautiful Hands

Nail art is a great way to express yourself and beautifully adds  color into your hands. With the steep prices that professionals charge, not everyone can get nail art done. Kits may be available in the market, but they may also be quite pricey. The good news is that you don’t need professional services or kits to get great looking nails. Here are some nail art ideas that you can do in your own home with things that you have around. 

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Transfer Prints

One of the easiest ways to get designs on your nails is by using a transfer method. In case you do not have a steady hand for freehand drawing, this is a great method to use. All you will do are some designs of your choice printed out, rubbing alcohol, nail polish base, topcoat and nail polish of your choice. Start out by cutting the printed designs to the size of your nails. You may want to make it extend over a little to make sure the entire nail gets covered. Apply the base coat, then the polish of your choice. Once this is dry dip one finger in rubbing alcohol making sure that the entire nail gets wet. Place the printed design on the nail with the ink side down. Wait a few seconds then slowly remove the paper. Let it dry and finish off with a topcoat to protect the designs.


This transfer method my not always give you a very clear transfer. It may e good to pick out designs which are not too intricate. Also, you may want to reverse the designs before printing them out so you get the right side on your nails. In case you do not have any prints available, newspaper works great as well. Lastly, do choose a light colored polish to apply prints on for best results.


Tape & Sticker Technique

A big challenge when it comes to nail art is to get perfectly straight lines or curved edges. There’s no use in trying to do this freehand. A quick way to get perfect lines and curves is with the use of tape and stickers. You do not even need professional stripping tape for this. Checkout office supplies for masking tape or Scotch tape. In this regard, the base coat, topcoat and nail polish of your choice are all you need.

Begin by applying a base coat and the polish of your choice. Once this dries,  you can put the tape on the part of the nail that you want to keep in this color. Paint off the remaining portions with another color. Strip tape off once done and immediaetely  get perfect lines. You can put the tape vertically, diagonally or horizontally depending on the look you want to get. You can also use as many colors as you want. For something a little bit fancier try cutting the tape with decorative scissors. This will give your nails pretty edges without any effort. For those of you looking to get perfect curves, take a round sticker and cut it in half. Place on nail and paint over. Stars, hearts and other sticker shapes also make great stencils.


Swirly Whirly

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For that abstract, artistic look on your nails all you will need are a small glass, water, 3-4 nail polish colors of your choice, top coat, a toothpick and some Scotch tape. Start by taping around your finger so that only your nails are exposed. Fill the glass halfway with the water. Make sure that the water is with room temperature so the nail polish will not harden. Add a big drop of nail polish into the water and continue to do this with the rest of the colors. You should end up with a circle layered with colors. Take the toothpick and gently give the polish a few swirls in any direction you choose. Do not over do this, or else all the colors will get mixed up. Once you have a design that you like dip each finger into the water making sure that the nail is fully submerged. Repeat with all fingers. Let nails dry and remove the tape. Finish with a top coat to preserve the pretty swirls.