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Natural Looking Makeup

Humans have been doing all they can since the start of history to enhance their looks. For popularity or to gain better mates, our ancestors’ perception of beauty have been engraved in our genes, even up till today. With make up and various aesthetic enhancing techniques, its not really a challenge to improve the desirability of what you’re born with. Always looked like you’re wearing a mask when using makeup? Read here for natural looking makeup.

Make up base

Everyone wants perfect skin. But hardly anyone is blessed with perfect skin naturally. Well, scientists have heard our prayers and came up with what we call make up bases. Make up bases work their magic usually by filling up our pores with very fine particles of silicone, creating a layer of smooth silky skin that allows make up to glide on better. Apart from that, make up bases can even out skin tone, control excess facial oil to allow make up to last longer. Some makeup bases have Sun Protective Factor SPF added in too. They are used after moisturizing and before applying your foundation.


With all the exposure to the sun and raging hormones, there’s bound to be some blemishes and imperfections to cover. With a concealer brush, dab on some concealer and smoothen out the periphery to give seamless finish between your skin and the concealer. For stubborn spots, dab on the first layer of concealer with your fingers as the heat will allow the concealer to melt on your skin, after that, add on a thin second layer of concealer with a concealer brush.

Dust on powder and foundation

To even out your skin tone, choose a liquid foundation, or just some powder. When choosing both, always go for one which is the closest shade to your skin. Dab on foundation on your cheeks, along your forehead, chin, jawline, beneath your eyes and around your nose. Either pat the foundation on with your finger tips or use a stippling brush and sweep in circular motions to distribute the foundation evenly on your skin.

After applying your foundation, get a fluffy Kabuki brush and grab some loose powder. Before applying on your skin, gently shake your brush to remove excess powder. Run the brush lightly along your forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and cheeks. The loose powder sets your make up and helps to absorb excess facial grease from your face throughout the day, keeping your skin matte, whilst extending the lifespan of your makeup.

Tinted Moisturizer

For lazy-almost-no-makeup days, dab on some tinted moisturizer, and pat all over your face. Choose one that suits your skin tone, and preferably something with sun protection. Tinted moisturizers give a very natural, dewy finish, letting the true color of your skin shine through.

Cheek Tints and Peachy Blushes

A hint of color on your cheeks gives an image of a healthy and robust complexion. So to mimic this look, apply a cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks. Simply give your brightest smile and dab the color on the highest points on your cheeks. Pat the blush in circular motion and repeat another layer for more prominence. Choose colors that have peachy or berry undertones as they give a blush that looks most flattering on most skin tones. Tints are favored over powder and cream blushes for this look because tints stain the skin subtly, making your skin look like it was naturally born with the color, unlike powder or cream formulas which tend to show up a bit strong.

Brown Eyeliner is the New Noir

Black eyeliner can sometimes be too harsh for the natural look. To soften it choose Taupe, Dark Browns or Dark earthy shades. If you want to stick to your black eyeliner for this look, just smudge and soften with a cotton bud to make the color less sharp. Make sure to apply eyeliner as close as you can to your lash line and in between your lashes. For more luminosity, first apply a base eye shadow in a shimmery salmon or beige color followed by eyeliner. Draw the eyeliner slightly thicker  for more deep set eyes. Line the outer two thirds of your lower eyelids with the same earthy colored eyeliner for a natural doe eyed look.  Conceal eye bags and dark eye circles after you’ve lined your eyes.


Dress lips up in a peachy pink, nude pink shade to mimic the natural color of your lips. You can even stain your lips a light shade of berry with a lip tint, like you’ve just finished a popsicle. No lip tint? Dab on some red or berry shaded lipstick and apply some lip balm over it. Cherry pink lips easy and economical. Rule of thumb, always make sure your lips are moisturized and happy.


After you’ve given yourself perfect skin, rosy cheeks and doe eyes, don’t forget to pay attention to details like lashes and eyebrows. It’s always pleasing to have tidy eyebrows and lushes lashes. Put on a few coats of mascara and apply some brow gel or brow powder to make things look a bit neater.


Never feel un-beautiful because of self pitying. Even the hottest model have to resort to make up, endless hours of work outs and photo alteration to get where they are now. With some practice and make up know how, you can look more enhanced and beautiful than you already are everyday.