Natural Moisturizers and Body Oils for Less

Skin care does not have to be fighting your budget off.  Before rushing to your local mall to buy whatever was advertised on television or magazine, it is important for you to take note what your skin really needs. This article will give you information regarding natural moisturizers and body oils that will nourish your skin. Keep reading…The skin is known to be the human’s largest organ as it plays a very vital role as well it protects us against body invaders out there. The word “skin” came from a Latin word “cutis”.   It is made of layers of ectodermal tissue assigned together with layers of fats that protect the muscles, bones and all internal organs.  Ironically, given the fact that the skin is designed as the first defense of our body, it is also one of the sensitive organs there can be for us humans.  Additionally, it is the first to react in temperature changes, chemicals or any other irritants.

The Best Skin Treats

One of the best things that we can do our skin as a favor is to moisturize it all the time.  Skin moisturizers don’t need to be fancy and pricey to be effective, all we need to keep in mind is to know our skin type that goes along with skin requirements.  We can also help our skin through the food that we eat, in fact that is one of the fastest and surest ways to keep our skin glowing and alive.


The Top Ranking Fruits to Grab


There is a reason why this fruit is called the wonder fruit as it contains the highest level of antioxidant elements either by eating the fruit or by drinking its juice.  Not only that, it contains high level of Vitamin C as well which makes it a real good treat for the skin.  During the old times, this fruit is being used as well as facial masks after it is crushed and mixed with pure honey.


Citrus (Orange or Lemon)

Oranges and Lemons are associated to Vitamin C as well, just like pineapple (only that these fruits contain less fiber) they are full of antioxidants.  Vitamin C is known to speed up the process of healing for any skin problems or wounds as it boosts the immune system as well.




In a way, Science has proven that this fruit is in fact one of the most precious in the world of botany given all the nutrients it has in just a bite.  Guess what? It is also filled with Vitamin C and enzymes that can aid the immune system in processing everything well.  There is actually a reason why they say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.



Another fruit that is big on Vitamin C and antioxidants.  Due to its shiny and reddish appearance, this fruit is glowing with all the nutrients our body can ask for.  It is good for our body from the skin down toour digestive system.  Strawberries are known to be capable of destroying viruses that are able to slip silently in our body, think about this, if the fruit is that nutritiously powerful, that means it can do more for our skin (which is already proven by the way).

The Best Skin Moisturizers

Go Green

It is more than just today’s fad, going green means more than just taking care of our mother nature.  If you will think about it, before the age of massive industrialization, everyone is really just using nothing but all the natural resources to take care of their general health and that only means less chemicals, less complications.  All natural products are now taking its place back  as we see more products that are coming out in the market.  Take note that these line of products are known to be one of the safest due to their “all organic” ingredients.

Fruit Oils

These types of skin moisturizers are the world’s favorite like olive oil, peach oil, alligator pear or avocado oil, and fruit mixture oils.  Just like eating the actual fruit, the nutrients are well distributed on the skin surface which is better at times compared to the synthetic moisturizers or the medicated lotions.

Flower Oils

Another favorite in the market.  Flower oil just like any other fruit oil is considered to be one of the most effective skin moisturizers as it has a longlasting moisturizing effect for more than 8 hours.  It does not only moisturize the skin, the actual scent makes it a perfume at the same time.