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Gorgeous Curly Hair Without Heat

What else could look more romantic, girly or perfect than curls? A lot of women spend hours each day just trying to get curls on their hair. This often means exposing hair to a lot of heat from curling irons, hot rollers, blow dryers and flat irons. This entire thing can damage hair when used too much. The good news is that it is completely possible to get curls without using any heat on your hair. This article will show you some interesting options such as Sock Bun Curls,  Headband Curls,  Paper Bag/ Rag Curls. Continue reading


Enjoying Your Curly Sexy Hair

It seems boring to see if everybody has only one hair texture just like if all creatures have only one skin tone.Interestingly, some have curly hair, others have straight hair. Thus, one of the world’s most famous hairstylists is Andre Walker.   He then invented classifications for hair types especially for people with natural, curly hair according to their texture.  This is a good indication that the moment you understand your natural hair texture, you will be more creative, resourceful and cautious in taking care of your hair.  Eventually, you will be doing various styling techniques and getting the best hair products to achieve healthy hair. Continue reading