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Beauty Dilemma during Winter Holidays

Christmas season, as we all know, is the most awaited holiday of all. Family gatherings and friendly reunions are done in various parts of the world to celebrate this particular holiday. But then again, there are several downsides during Christmas season, the hype, the panic and the number one adversary of all, the weather. Winter’s harsh winds are known to cause dry skin, chapped lips, and many others which women find infuriating. Knowing the right precautions on how to deal with these beauty problems would be of great help for women to enjoy the holidays. Continue reading

Young Woman in a Bathtub Blowing Foam from Her Hands

Bath Oil: Saying Goodbye to Dry Skin

Bath oil  may not be so popular, unlike lotions and other moisturizers, but can aid in nourishing and replenishing dry skin as it contains the necessary ingredients to leave your skin moisturized. As a body care product, bath oil is placed in a bathtub according to the scent you prefer. Regular usage of bath oil will eliminate rough and dry patches of your skin as the warm water opens your pores thus absorbing the oil.

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