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Natural Looking Makeup

Humans have been doing all they can since the start of history to enhance their looks. For popularity or to gain better mates, our ancestors’ perception of beauty have been engraved in our genes, even up till today. With make up and various aesthetic enhancing techniques, its not really a challenge to improve the desirability of what you’re born with. Always looked like you’re wearing a mask when using makeup? Read here for natural looking makeup.

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male braids 3 from srivard72

No-Nonsense Advice about Braids for Men

Braids for women are common but braids for men are’nt popular. Although they look very stylish, most guys rarely consider having them.  But do you know that male braids are famous among African-American men?  History and modern fashion has shown us that anyone can do braiding. The only requirement would be just to have a decent length of locks like if you have a chin or shoulder hair length.  But of course, longer hair is always better. This article identifies the 2 popular kinds of braids for men  such as the micro-braids and corn rows.  It also discusses the dowsides of braiding and other in- between styles and cuts. Continue reading


Going Anglomania

Noted for her signature tangerine hair, British Dame Vivienne Westwood is one of the most prolific and eccentric designers in high-fashion. Heavily inspired by punk themes, her fashion shows often have shock value and sometimes satirical and political. It not uncommon to see models, with smeared make-up and frizzy hair, walking in dangerously high heels on her runway. Apart from clothes, Westwood’s fashion empire includes bags, shoes, accessories and perfume. Her flagship store is located in Milan and owns three other exclusive shops in London and one in Leeds. Westwood also has franchises all over the world and maybe opening several stores in China.

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