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Hair Extension for Short-haired Women

Every short-haired woman’s dream for longer hair becomes a reality with the creation of hair extensions. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and the longer the hair, the better. Don’t forget that Lady Godiva saved her modesty covered with her long hair while horse riding bare to get what she wanted for her people from the king (incidentally, she was married to the king). In fairy land, Rapunzel descended the tower using only her long hair. Although these are too far-fetched comparison, but today, long hair is possible for short-haired women. There are now hair extensions for short hair fulfilling the dream for every short-haired woman. Continue reading

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Hair Innovations to Enhance Your Look

For every woman, hair is her crowning glory; for man, a sign of youth and virility. Hair fashion is one of the fastest growing beauty industries. In most unavoidable circumstances when hair is lost, the most ingenious inventions unfolded: hair pieces as extensions, wigs, wiglets and toupees became a fashion trend.But more than this, hair extensions, wigs and wiglets are fashion trends as they give you the option for short, medium and long hair length; either curly or straight and in any style in a jiffy. You don’t have to fantasize that you are a Hollywood star with magnificent tresses; you can make your dreams a reality with these hair innovations.

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Fine Hair Shampoo

Easy Tips For Choosing the Best Shampoo For Fine Hair.

One cannot choose the hair type they’re born with. There’s so many hair types. Thick and frizzy; Fine with oily roots; Normal hair but with dry ends, etc. etc. Having  a specific type plastered on top of your head for life almost feels like hitting the Jackpot. Like all hair, they get dirty, greasy and  require proper care and effort to look good. Fine hair in particular are extra tricky, especially when finding the right shampoo! Too dry and your comb breaks halfway while trying to do it’s job. Too moisturized and you’ll look like you just removed a helmet! Continue reading