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Beauty Dilemma during Winter Holidays

Christmas season, as we all know, is the most awaited holiday of all. Family gatherings and friendly reunions are done in various parts of the world to celebrate this particular holiday. But then again, there are several downsides during Christmas season, the hype, the panic and the number one adversary of all, the weather. Winter’s harsh winds are known to cause dry skin, chapped lips, and many others which women find infuriating. Knowing the right precautions on how to deal with these beauty problems would be of great help for women to enjoy the holidays. Continue reading


A Handful Advice For Your Hands and Nails

They say that one can judge you by just looking at your hands. Likewise, it can tell how you take care of yourself. And did you know that the first telltale signs of aging occur in your hands? Another fact that not everyone knows yet is that our nails also reflect the status of our health. Nail breakage, discoloration or splitting can be mainly associated with health problems. It really pays a lot that we shower our hands with “Tender Loving Care”. Below are some tips on how to keep our hands beautiful and healthy. Some tips are so easy and you don’t need to go to a nail salon since they can easily be done at home at your own convenient time. Continue reading


Essential Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Don’t you just hate it when you just had a manicure and suddenly your fingernail breaks? Fingernails and toenails are a reflection of a woman’s all-around well being – along with that radiant, glowing skin. But amidst all this, we neglect this very small but significant part of our body. Having those perfect nails give women that confidence. That is why you see nail salons popping up like mushrooms in every block.  This article will discuss some nail care tips and tricks to  grow and maintain stunning nails. Continue reading