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Basic Tips to Create Fascinating Pouting Lips

The lips of a woman is her asset. It is said that diamonds are girl’s best friend but her lipstick is her soul mate. Lips say a lot more than words, that’s why most women feel naked without lipstick. The recent IN lip fad this year are the pouting lips. Many women are imitating the pouting lips of Hollywood celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. Do you know that in body language, pouting lips are signs of sulkiness or disapproval? But not so today, for pouting lips are beauty spots. Actually, if you are wearing lipstick or lip gloss fitted to you, you do not need to wear heavy make-up on the other parts of your face, especially if the lipstick creates beautiful pouting lips.  Thus, beautiful and sexy lips create impression and define the beauty of your face.

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Getting the Best Lipstick for your Kissable Lips

It’s challenging enough searching for the right shade of lipstick that prettifies or pouts, nevertheless the right color isn’t the only thing we ought to consider in choosing the best lipstick. Take into account that choosing a lipstick must depend on the quality and how much you’re willing to spend on the product.  Of course, popular brands with premium quality lip color stay on longer which also possess a smoother, more even application. Continue reading