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What You Need to Know About Warts

It was not the face that launched a thousand ships for there was a blemish on the forehead. Neither a smudge of dirt nor a pimple, it was a flat wart! Just imagine a beautiful face was spoiled by this small spot. Warts are incongruous skin growth that is generally harmless and painless. However, it can be a source of embarrassment & disfigurement and much worse as it can be itchy and sore. Prevention is better than cure, so learn about it and find ways to prevent its growth; so you do not need to know wart removal procedure. Continue reading


11 Most Prevalent Skin Imperfections

No matter how we desire to maintain youthful skin, facial skin issues can come about due to aging with some inevitable or unwanted factors like inherited genes, viruses, infections along with other causes.  This article will discuss some of the most common skin flaws or imperfections such as acne, birthmarks, scars, moles, enlarged pores, warts, age spots, wrinkles, skin pigmentation, under-eye circles and rosacea.

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