The Hazards Behind Your Smiles

If you are keen enough, you should have noticed that several manufacturers have fine printed warnings on their toothpaste tubes about the hazards of ingesting excessive amount of fluoride. But of course, nobody is crazy enough to consume a hefty amount of tube in one session and the only concern on this part is our little ones who do not have strong mouth reflexes yet to spit the residue of the toothpaste after brushing.  Is fluoride toothpaste safe?

3 ingredients present in the majority of toothpastes cause health hazards if an excessive amount is ingested


 It is a liquid that maintains the toothpaste from becoming dry, is usually a laxative that might cause diarrhea among youngsters.

 Sodium lauryl sulfate

 It is a component that produces the foam in toothpastes, can also bring diarrhea.


It presents the the majority of danger if excessive amount of toothpaste is ingestedspecifically among  little kids.


Doing even a little research about fluoride will surprise you, of course you may have read the word “fluoride” on your toothpaste tubes since the day you’ve learned how to brush your teeth and you took that chemical as something that will keep your teeth happy and healthy. It is true though that adding fluoride is so potent for cleaning your teeth.  However, it does not really prevent bacterial growth and cavities from forming on your tooth’s surface. Thus, too much of it has the power to harm your health in general.

Uses of Fluoride aside from Toothpastes

Just to make you realize how dangerous excessive fluoride ingestion may affect your body, you will be surprised because this is also used for the following industrial activities:


  • Water sanitation
  • pesticide manufacturing
  • nuclear plantations
  • metal products manufacturing
  • nuclear fuel processing
  • rat poison manufacturing

These are just few of the many recorded uses of fluoride as there are other forms of fluoride which are said to be added as preservatives in many foods sold in the market and usually these are the canned goods and bottled goods.

Excessive Fluoride Consumption

Perhaps you are asking:  How come manufacturers still put it on products that we consume if they already knew the fact that fluoride can harm us?

As noted through studies, fluoride is close to the toxicity level of lead and arsenic which if they have accumulated through time in our system that will make the internal organs to begin malfunctioning either slowly or abruptly. That is the reason why toothpaste companies are committed to put a balanced amount of fluoride in their toothpaste products.

As there is only a certain amount or level of fluoride that our body is capable to contain, excessive amount of fluoride might possible give the following effects:

  • natural body enzyme deficiency
  • bone and teeth fluorosis (similar to calcium deficiency only it is worse)
  • Gastrointestinal ailments which may include up to colon disorders (not limited to cancer)
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Bone Cancer
  • immediate poisoning which may manifest by triggering an existing ailment
  • birth defects
  • lower IQ level

There are many types of toothpaste or tooth gels in the market labeled “ specially for kids” in addition that they have fruit flavors.  Hence, most toddlers are not yet capable of spitting out the excessive portion after brushing. Thus, here are some tips to consider :

Check the Fluoride Content

Always read the label especially the ingredients and watch out for the amount of fluoride content.  Most renowned toothpaste companies put a very minimal amount of fluoride in the toothpaste for kids.

Put a small dot of Toothpaste

Dentists notify parents to merely place a tiny dot of toothpaste, certainly not greater than a match head within the toothbrush as this lowers the amount of fluoride to be swallowed.

Teach the kids

If it is unavoidable for you to buy toothpastes with fluoride, the last resort for you is to teach your kids how to properly brush, rinse, and spit after brushing.  If possible, not that you want to scare your kids, make them aware of the effects if they swallow their toothpaste.

Other Options

Although this is seldom seen in regular supermarkets, green or organic products use nothing but natural ingredients.  They use natural chemicals (chemicals found from plants) which practically make sense because a considerable amount of natural compounds in our body would not hurt us.

 Note to Parents

It is advisable that parents or guardians should supervise the kids while brushing so as to minimize the ingestion of fluoride in the child’s  system.